Dragon Emperor Martial God Chapter 262

Chapter 262: A Monk with a Female Priest?

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The Fire Talismans produced by Ling Yun were of the lowest grade. The flames were only the size of a human fist and the heat density was comparable to that of a matchstick. Moreover, it could only sustain its form for three to five seconds.

However, the power of the talisman charms had been enhanced by more than ten times after he used the mystical brush instead and infused his spiritual energy!

Each burning hot flame was as big as a basketball. Nothing could extinguish them, but they would disappear naturally after thirty seconds.

Ling Yun understood the power of the Fire Talisman from the little experiment he did on the shrub in Mansion Number 1.

The trunk burnt without mercy!

Ling Yun used these potent Fire Talismans on Priest Compassionless!

Everyone would be terrified if they saw balls of inextinguishable fire engulfing a person and burning him to crisp!

Most of the Fire Talismans were stuck onto the back of Priest Compassionless. A few of them were on his chest, abdomen and thighs. The only reason there were none on his neck was because it was impossible to reach it when he was using the Dragon Claw Hand. It was a stroke of luck for Priest Compassionless. Otherwise, he would have been barbecued meat by now.

Liu Deming from Maoshan Sect rescued Priest Compassionless with his Water Talisman. Only the Water Talisman could counter and put out the flames of the Fire Talisman.

The Water Talisman was given to Liu Deming by his Senior in the Maoshan Sect. It was not something that Liu Deming could produce at his current level of competency in talisman charms. He would have stood there and stared helplessly at Priest Compassionless if he did not happen to have the Water Talisman with him.

Zhuang Tiande and his family retreated almost entirely into their living room in horror when they saw Priest Compassionless’s pitiful state.

He Xingyan was plunging backwards with Niu Fenjiao and Sun Xing in each hand to avoid Ling Yun’s flying needles.

Xiao Meimei and Zhuang Meifeng had long disappeared from the sight. Tie Xiaohu and Tang Meng were more than twenty meters away and still gaining speed!

Run! Run desperately! It would be all for nothing if they did not manage to escape!

Ling Yun laughed loudly and raised his hands again. He shot another bunch of needles towards Liu Deming and He Xingyan, forcing them to step back further away. Ling Yun then used his Dragon Fish Phantom Ability to catch up with Tie Xiaohu and Tang Meng. He grabbed them and flew straight for the gate!

There were only two hundred meters left towards freedom! As long as he could bring them to safety, Ling Yun could not care less about the rapid depletion of his spiritual energy!

This was the second time the three of them were in action together. Unlike the previous glorious time at Qingyun Productions, this time, they could only escape with tails between their legs!

“Big Brother Yun!”


Tie Xiaohu and Tang Meng choked, their eyes filled with tears. Ling Yun cared for them even in this moment of life and death!

Ling Yun ran with all his might and wasted no energy replying to them. He wanted to get them as far away as possible.

“Such a vicious thief! I have to destroy you today to stop you from harming mankind!”

Priestess Heartless of Houtian Realm Level 8 shouted with her fly-whisk in hand. While Liu Deming and He Xingyan were both busy with their own situations, Priestess Heartless of the Tranquil Sect was free to deal with Ling Yun. Bloodthirst seeped out from her triangular-shaped eyes. Her luxurious robes flapped gracefully in the air as she leapt after Ling Yun in hot pursuit.

Priestess Heartless was an expert in Qinggong. There was a possibility to shake Priestess Heartless off at his maximum speed with the Dragon Fish Phantom Ability if he were alone. However, he had Tie Xiaohu and Tang Meng, who together weighed about 200kg together. This slowed him down.

They were less than one hundred meters from the exit!

Priestess Heartless caught up to them and chose that instant to ruthlessly attack Ling Yun’s back with her fly-whisk!

Ling Yun could not avoid the attack in mid-air. All he could do was to strengthen his body with the Stellar Condensation Technique and ready himself to accept the full force of the blow!

Priestess Heartless had transfused her qi into the fly-whisk which stiffened the normally soft bristles into the strength of steel wire.

“Bam!” The attack landed on Ling Yun’s back. His top was shredded into strips as thin as silk threads and fresh blood gushed out!

The gap between the two was too simply wide. Ling Yun sustained external injuries even though he had strengthened his body with the Stellar Condensation Technique!

“Big Brother Yun!”


Tie Xiaohu and Tang Meng exclaimed anxiously. Their anger reached a boiling point!

Tang Meng was quick-witted. He promptly threw some Fire Talismans at Priestess Heartless and shouted the incarnation.

He cursed at her right after, “Burn, you big bully!”

The memory of a burning Priest Compassionless was still fresh in Priestess Heartless’s mind. She flicked her fly-whisk around madly without hesitation. At the same time, she tried to get away from the flames with the wind created by her fly-whisk.

That slowed her down and naturally provided Ling Yun with an opportunity.

“Hmph!” Ling Yun’s wounds stung and they rapidly dropped in altitude. However, he invoked the Dragon Fish Phantom Ability again right after he landed and flew another thirty meters ahead!

“Hug Tang Meng tight and protect him as you land!”

Ling Yun threw them high up into the air as one entity, just like what he did with Tie Xiaohu on the field the other night!

Tie Xiaohu had strengthened his body with the Stellar Condensation Technique. He would not be hurt even if he landed on his body.

Ling Yun knew that they would land not more than ten meters away from the exit with this toss, which was more than enough for them to escape.

“My good brothers, this is the farthest I can send you!” Ling Yun shouted after the two of them hugging tightly in the air.

He turned to face Priestess Heartless and unleashed his needles once again!

Shower of Flowers!

Priestess Heartless sneered at this weak display of power, brushing them away effortlessly with her fly-whisk. “Do you really think a few flying needles can hurt me, you thief?”

“I will let the four of them go since there were three ordinary people amongst them. But you can forget about leaving this place!”

Priestess Heartless sneered, standing just three meters away from Ling Yun.

Ling Yun did not concern himself with Priestess Heartless’s comments. He stuck a healing talisman onto himself discreetly and chanted the incarnation in his heart.

His injury was healed instantly, leaving only a cool sensation on his back.

At the same time, two distant sounds gave Ling Yun the reassurance that his gang was out of immediate danger. There was a loud thud from Tie Xiaohu and Tang Meng landing and a scream of surprise from Xiao Meimei.

Ling Yun was left with less than forty percent of his spiritual energy after covering the escape of his gang. He knew that he was unable to escape, but he had to keep his enemies busy for them to leave the vicinity.

“Why would I run away when I have not seen enough of your huge racks?!” Ling Yun deliberately stared at Priestess Heartless’s breasts with a sinister look in his eyes.

That was outright sexual harassment!

Of course, Ling Yun was only doing so to allow the four ample time to escape. However, he was not aware of the fact that Priestess Heartless was from the Tranquil Sect!

One could glean from the name that the Tranquil Sect valued absolute purity. They had only had female disciples whom no one dared to steal a glance at!

Ling Yun was indeed courageous to sexually harass Priestess Heartless of the Tranquil Sect!

Sure enough, Priestess Heartless was infuriated by Ling Yun’s insolence. She had never been so boldly humiliated. Her above-average face became even redder than a baboon’s butt.

“Shameless thief, I am going to kill you!” Priestess Heartless shouted while charging towards Ling Yun with her fly-whisk in hand!

This was exactly what Ling Yun wanted! He had to be the decoy so that Priestess Heartless would not target Xiao Meimei and the gang. Given his current status, he would not be able to stop her if she really went after them!

“Are you so angry because I roasted Priest Compassionless into a suckling pig? Oh, are you involved with him?” Ling Yun laughed audibly as he dodged Priestess Heartless’s attacks almost lazily with his Thousand Miles Godly Steps.

“A monk and a female priest. A perfect match made in heaven!”

That really provoked Priestess Heartless. She clenched her teeth and roared, “You bastard! I will shred you into a million pieces!”

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