Dragon Emperor Martial God Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Capturing Sun Xing!

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Priestess Heartless was livid at Ling Yun’s persistent humiliation. She stayed on his tail, waiting for any chance to kill him right there and then!

Ling Yun would obviously make it difficult for her. He used his Thousand Miles Godly Steps to escape into the woods, cursing and fleeing at the same time.

“Your names are so compatible. Aren’t the two of you lovers? Grandma, why don’t you go back and tend to your hubby? Don’t be too upset if I accidentally burned his d*ck, alright?!”

Priestess Heartless was blinded by her rage. Her garb and fly-whisk kept getting caught in branches, making it difficult for her to move about. Priestess Heartless was right inside Ling Yun’s trap.

Ling Yun, on the hand, was weaving through the woods with agility. He sped towards the villa once he was sure that Priestess Heartless was stuck.

There were still two masters on the enemy’s side. If they were to hunt Zhuang Meifeng and Xiao Meimei down, all would be for naught.

Once he reached the edge of the woods, he shouted without hesitation, “I am back! Come out, Sun Xing!”

Attack the enemy where they are most vulnerable!

He Xingyan had just managed to settle the nerves of Niu Fenjiao and Sun Xing. He was just about to go after the escapees but stood rooted to the ground when he heard Ling Yun’s cry.

Sun Xing and his mother’s safety were the most important to He Xingyan. His head would roll if something were to happen to them while chasing after the insignificant escapees.

A short while had passed since the fire on Priest Compassionless had been extinguished. His skin was now even darker than an African’s. One would not be blamed for thinking that he had just climbed out from a pile of coal!

Priest Compassionless was already back up on his feet thanks to Liu Deming’s first aid. Liu Deming had given him the best ointment he had and his robe.

Priest Compassionless was very lucky that he was so highly skilled. His front and back were severely charred. Every little movement caused a piece of skin to flake off, only to reveal tender red flesh. Even though his wounds were all external injuries, they were extremely painful. Priest Compassionless had to constantly suck in cool air to deal with the pain!

However, he refused to retreat and recuperate!

Priest Compassionless had forsaken his cry for benevolence. He really wanted Ling Yun dead now!

Now that Ling Yun was back, Priest Compassionless mustered his remaining strength and picked up his staff from the floor. He flew over to the source of the voice!

“If I don’t kill you little thief today, I am not human! Si…” Hatred was driving him, but it could not stop the pain on his body!

“Ugh…?!” Ling Yun was stunned into inaction when he saw Priest Compassionless coming at him after he exited the woods!

He can still fight after being burned so badly?

Priestess Heartless also caught up to him, yelling at the top of her lungs, “Shameless thief, you can’t run anymore! Give up now!”

Priestess Heartless flicked her fly-whisk and flew towards Ling Yun. She invoked the Splitting the Earth Stroke and smashed it right towards Ling Yun!

Ling Yun smirked. He managed to dodge Priestess Heartless’s killing attack by moving five meters away. He then turned and said to Priestess Heartless, “You heartless old witch! Why don’t you bring your old lover into the woods to check if his vital organ is still functional?”

“AHHH! I will kill you!” Priestess Heartless went at Ling Yun like a mad tigress seeking her prey!

“What? Old lover?!” Priest Compassionless was stunned into losing speed. His right hand involuntarily went to his genitals after hearing what Ling Yun said.

Luckily for him, Liu Deming’s first aid had been timely. His d*ck was intact and suffered only a minor burn.

Ling Yun laughed as he continued avoiding Priestess Heartless’s crazy attacks. Raising his finger at Priest Compassionless, he proclaimed, “I was right, wasn’t I?! Priest Compassionless, if you were really a sincere monk, you would not be so bothered with your d*ck!”

“Bullshit! I will kill you!” Priest Compassionless realized the reason why the usually tranquil Priestess Heartless was so mad now. Ling Yun was accusing them of adultery!

Priest Compassionless’s eyes went wide with fury. He held his staff with both hands and limped towards Ling Yun. His movements looked ridiculous and funny.

“Wow, a pair of old lovers are going to fight me. I am so afraid!” Ling Yun pretended to exclaim in fear. He then used his Thousand Miles Godly Steps to get closer to Niu Fenjiao and Sun Xing.

Ling Yun had less than forty percent of his spiritual energy left. His only chance to escape was to capture either Niu Fenjiao or Sun Xing to hold them hostage while he still had spiritual energy left.

Ling Yun was therefore desperately running towards Sun Xing and his mother! If he failed, he would definitely suffer a fate worse than death.

“The Merciful One!” Liu Deming of the Maoshan Sect had finally joined the fight after seeing how his comrades were being played by Ling Yun!

Liu Deming blocked Ling Yun’s way immediately. “You are already so sinister at such a young age! I will not spare you today!”

It was now three on one!

Ling Yun was complaining in his heart, but he did not get to dictate how it would be in this fight. He could only continue smiling nonchalantly.

“Aren’t you lot afraid of tarnishing your reputation? It’s three against a poor me!?” Ling Yun yelled with his Mystical Dragon Howl while maintaining his speed. He also threw his needles and steel nails at Liu Deming at the same time!

Liu Deming dared not confront the hidden weapons and jumped eight meters away.

Niu Fenjiao and Sun Xing covered their ears as Ling Yun’s Mystical Dragon Howl nearly burst their eardrums!

They were only eighteen meters away!

Ling Yun dug the brought his needles out and sent them flying again!

Priest Compassionless and Priestess Heartless gave up on their pursuits temporarily to deal with the incoming weapons!

Ling Yun used his Dragon Fish Phantom Ability again to overcome the eighteen meters distance and came face to face directly with Sun Xing and his mother!

“Die, Sun Xing!”

“I admire your bravery and intelligence, brat! However, you are not qualified to kill someone under my watch!

He Xingyan put himself in between Ling Yun and his targets, finally intervening!

“Pupupu…” Three deadly coins flew towards Ling Yun’s head, chest and abdomen at lighting speed!

Ling Yun would never give up his only chance of survival! He steeled himself for the incoming attack with his Stellar Condensation Technique, dodging only the attack to his head!

Fresh blood splattered out at high velocity!

His body was in pain, but he kept moving forward and threw a bunch of talisman charms at He Xingyan. “Come!” Ling Yun cried out!

Color drained from He Xingyan’s face as he vividly recalled what had happened to Priest Compassionless!

Nonetheless, He Xingyan unlocked his Houtian Realm Level 8 and attempted to use his palms to hit the eight flames, which were the size of basketballs!

Ling Yun’s aiming, however, was superb! While He Xingyan was busy dealing with the flames targeted at his chest, two other balls were attacking his legs!

At this juncture, He Xingyan could only pull himself out of the way of the flames. He sighed inwardly as he released ten flying daggers to his original position in a last-ditch attempt to deter Ling Yun. At this point, both Priestess Heartless and Liu Deming had already broken free from Ling Yun’s flying weapons! Ling Yun was surrounded by the three of them and would be within reach if he so much as took a step backwards!

Ling Yun had no choice. He rushed at maximum speed right into the storm of weapons!




Ling Yun collided headfirst with two fly-whisks and nine flying daggers!

Pain shook Ling Yun’s body. Countless drops of blood were spilled as he became a bloodied man immediately!

That did not matter to him as he focused on his mission. First, he collided with Sun Xing and his mother who were huddling together in fear. He then grabbed Sun Xing with one hand and put a sizable distance between himself and his enemies with his Dragon Fish Phantom Ability. He turned to his enemies and gave a cold laugh. He had caught his prey, Sun Xing!

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