Dragon Emperor Martial God Chapter 264

Chapter 264: The Invincible Young Man! Ling Yun Must Die!

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“Pupupupu…” Ling Yun quickly placed a seal on more than ten of Sun Xing’s key meridian points with his special method.

This way, even if Sun Xing was rescued, they would still require Ling Yun to release the seal on him. It gave Ling Yun an absolute advantage of this situation!

Thereafter, Ling Yun also sealed some of the meridian points on his own body to stop the bleeding. He then proceeded to extract the two deadly coins and nine daggers sticking onto his body with lightning speed! Fresh blood gushed out like a waterfall from his wounds! Ling Yun was terrifying. Even though he was covered in blood and in excruciating pain, his eyes and whole being remained calm and collected.

Taking advantage of the time his enemies were stunned, he stuck eight healing talismans onto his wounds and chanted “Come!” in his heart.

The Healing Talismans did their magic within ten seconds. Ling Yun was as good as before except for his slightly pale complexion from the loss of blood.

Ling Yun, bathed in his own blood, stood battered in the rain. The water droplets from the rain traveled along his body, picking up blood along the way. They eventually found their resting place beneath his feet, effectively dyeing that patch red!

Niu Fenjiao rolled for about four meters in the mud like a bowling pin after Ling Yun knocked into her at full force. It was as though a car that was speeding along at full speed suddenly slammed into her! The impact seemed to have shifted the position of her internal organs. She could not even get off the ground with the pain she was experiencing. Niu Fenjiao was now dirty and embarrassed. She did not resemble the prestigious Mistress of the Sun Family at all.

Ling Yun had achieved the pinnacle of the seven minor realms of the first major realm of the Stellar Condensation Technique. His body was hard as steel. It was impenetrable by weapons wielded by normal opponents. When coupled with his Dragon Fish Phantom Ability, the impact was really similar to that of a speeding car!

Niu Fenjiao and Sun Xing would have vomited blood if Ling Yun had not been hindered by He Xingyan’s flying daggers!

“My son!” Niu Fenjiao screamed when she finally realized that Sun Xing had been captured by Ling Yun!

“Ling Yun, you are courting death!”

He Xingyan, Priestess Heartless, Liu Deming and the hobbling Priest Compassionless rushed over upon the capture of Sun Xing, quickly surrounding Ling Yun with a square formation!

Everything happened so fast. It had merely been about ten seconds since he had handled Liu Deming before getting to Sun Xing! None of them had expected Ling Yun to be so ruthless, not only to his enemies, but also to himself!

The four masters were secretly alarmed. They could easily determine that Ling Yun was no higher than the beginning of Houtian Realm Level 5, yet he was as agile as lightning and was well versed in mysterious skills and techniques. The accurate flying needles and the terrifying Fire Talismans were also weapons to be feared! However, the most shocking aspect of Ling Yun was his extraordinary wits and courage!

Was he really just an eighteen-year-old boy? Achieving Houtian Realm Level 5 at such a tender age was an amazing feat by itself. He had even managed to save his comrades, trick the four masters and capture Sun Xing under their watch!

If they were to let Ling Yun escape tonight, they would be releasing a tiger back to its mountain. This young man would definitely become a formidable existence if he were allowed to grow!

The four masters exchanged glances subconsciously and came to an unanimous agreement — Ling Yun had to die! If he were allowed to live, they would not be able to rest at night!

“Ling Yun, hand over the hostage and we will consider leaving your corpse whole!” He Xingyan said coldly.

“Bullsh*t! Do you have glue in your brain? Do you think I would actually accept that?” Ling Yun smiled disdainfully.

Even though Ling Yun was calm and collected on the surface, he was secretly worried. He had only twenty percent of his spiritual energy left and currently had no good idea on how to break out of this formation. He was only stalling for time.

However, that in itself was a fruitless move. He was only able to attain the Physique Tempering Stage Level 3 because of the spiritual energy in his body. However, he had not reached the Qi Cultivation stage, which meant his spiritual energy could not be automatically regenerated. There was also nothing around the area he could replenish his spiritual energy with. Therefore, once his spiritual energy was depleted, he would be dead meat!

It would be a totally different story if Ling Yun was at Physique Tempering Stage Level 4! Even if he were to use up his spiritual energy, he could still invoke his Yin-Yang harmony balance which would use his True Qi in lieu of spiritual energy.

In other words, he would be on par with these masters in terms of the Houtian Realm if he attained Houtian Realm Level 4!

Once he honed his True Qi, he could attain Houtian Realm Level 5 in no time!

Ling Yun would only be left with his Stellar Condensation technique once he depleted his spiritual energy. However, each one of the masters could defeat his Stellar Condensation Technique. He would be reduced to being a human sandbag!

What was the use of a few Healing Talismans if he could not devise an escape strategy? He would bleed to death as long as he continued to sustain injuries.

Ling Yun looked over instead to Niu Fenjiao, who was still on the floor. “Your precious son is in my hands. Do you want him to live or die?”

Ling Yun would of course not let his efforts of capturing Sun Xing go to waste. Sun Xing was his only bargaining chip for negotiation.

He had left Niu Fenjiao with the enemy because he could negotiate more effectively with them with her on their side.

If Ling Yun had grabbed both mother and son, the four masters would try to save them desperately. There would be no room left for negotiation. It was a dead route.

“Ling Yun, don’t kill my son, I will promise you anything you want as long as you let him go!” Niu Fenjiao replied without hesitation. It was a forgone conclusion. She would never risk her precious son’s life.

That was exactly what Ling Yun was aiming for! Her love for her son!

“Great, the mistress of the Sun Family is very decisive. My condition is simple: Ask the four of them to let me go. I will release your son once my safety is confirmed!” Ling Yun said with a smile.

Niu Fenjiao was frightened by Ling Yun’s methods. She was afraid that her son would suffer in Ling Yun’s hands. Thus, she quickly turned to He Xingyan, “Mr. He, since that b*tch of a Zhuang Meifeng has already escaped, shall we just let Ling Yun go?”

He Xingyan frowned and contemplated a reply, only to see Ling Yun raise his hand to slap Sun Xing’s irritating face eight times!

Sun Xing’s thin face swelled at a visible speed into a red pig head with blood oozing out from the corner of his mouth.

“Who are you calling a b*tch? Wash your mouth before you speak!” Ling Yun told Niu Fenjiao coldly.

Ling Yun did not see any point in being courteous to people who were already dead to him.

“Mummy, save me! Ask them to back away! If not, I will die!” Sun Xing sobbed to his mother in pain.

Sun Xing saw what had happened to the three killed by Ling Yun. He was so scared that he had already pooped in his pants.

That was real murder!

“Mr. He, please let Ling Yun go for the sake of the Sun Family,” Niu Fenjiao begged He Xingyan anxiously.

He Xingyan narrowed his eyes and glanced quickly towards the three other masters. He knew immediately that they had no intention of giving way to Ling Yun.

“Mrs. Sun, don’t be naive. Do you really think that thief will let Master Sun go?” He Xingyan said.

“You probably don’t realize it, but Ling Yun sealed quite a few meridian points on Master Sun immediately after he captured him. I am sure that even if he were to keep his promise and let Master Sun go, Master Sun would not be able to live beyond twenty-four hours!”

“What!?” Niu Fenjiao went white with shock!

“Ah?! Mummy, save me! I don’t want to die!” Sun Xing howled desperately!

“Shut up!” Ling Yun struck Sun Xing squarely in the face again.

“Mrs. Sun, how did you choose these people to serve your family? They are lying to you just to kill me! I have only sealed a few non-vital points. As long as I can leave here safely, I will naturally release him back to you with his meridian points unsealed!” Ling Yun said to Niu Fenjiao.

“Erm…” Niu Fenjiao looked at Ling Yun and then back to He Xingyan, unsure of who to trust!

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