Dragon Marked War God Chapter 1619

Killed with a single palm strike

Jiang Chen, I didnt expect you to show yourself and bring another helper with you. However your death is certain today. Your helper will die with you as well. Release those evil creatures of yours now. I will kill them as well in revenge for the Seventh Princes death.

Yun Yi spoke loudly. His body was full of killing intent. It was better than he expected now that Jiang Chen had appeared. This was what he had been waiting for. It didnt concern him even if Jiang Chen brought a helper with him. After all, he wasnt the only one whos going to fight. Apart from Cao Jiu, there were four intermediate Immortal Emperors, including him and seven early Immortal Emperors. Such a force was really destructive to anyone.

As you wish. Blood Demon King, come out now.

Jiang Chen shouted lightly. Blood Demon King Lao Da immediately rushed out of the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. The Blood Demon King was crossing his arms after he appeared. The qi emitting from him was incomparably brutal. As he was an evil creature that was born to kill, he was almost driven insane being confined in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. So each time the Blood Demon King was released from the confinement, he would unleash all of his vicious qi.

As a matter of fact, given Jiang Chens current cultivation base, he no longer needed the help of the Blood Demon Kings. He alone could deal with all of the opponents. However, the Blood Demon King could still play a big role in the face of such encampment. Jiang Chen didnt intend to let any one of these people go, including those early Immortal Emperors. The moment he dealt with Cao Jiu later, he would let the Blood Demon King slaughter all those early Immortal Emperor geniuses.

Yun Yi, its quite a disgrace that you were defeated by this thing.

Niu Meng of Corpse Yin Sect spoke in a strange manner. One had to admit that the people of Corpse Yin Sect were despicable. They didnt even forget to sneer at their own allies.

Yun Yi darted Niu Meng a glance without concealing his hatred towards him. If it wasnt because of them joining forces to deal with Jiang Chen right now, he was afraid that he wouldnt even look at Niu Meng.

Both Niu Meng and Yun Yi were intermediate Immortal Emperors. On the side of Divine Line Sect, apart from Ling Du, there was also another intermediate Immortal Emperor expert named Leng Qiuyi, who was also a rare genius like Yang Lang of Great Qian Empire. He had already been to Golden Horizon five years ago. His face was dark, seeming to be in a bad mood.

This wasnt because of Jiang Chen. Being someone who had entered the Golden Horizon for the second time, he hadnt gotten a thing except for some insignificant stuff since the commencement of the expedition. Furthermore, seeing his junior brother Ling Du advanced to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm after a miraculous encounter made him even more depressed. He knew that more treasures would show up the more time passed. At that time, the number of geniuses would increase as well, and those with great luck would advance tremendously. It wouldnt be surprising for a half-step Immortal Venerable to be born. If he couldnt acquire some benefits that would push his cultivation base to the late Immortal Emperor realm, his path in the future wouldnt be any better.

This was because he knew very well that an intermediate Immortal Emperor was considered virtually nothing at the end of the expedition.

His face was full of murderous intent. It seemed like he would vent all his depressed feelings on Jiang Chen and his comrades.

Dont talk nonsense anymore. Lets kill Jiang Chen together! Ling Du yelled.

Let me do it first. *Jie* *Jie*

Niu Meng let out a gloomy cackle, and was the first to lunge at Jiang Chen. He was extremely confident in himself. Anyone who confronted the technique of Corpse Yin Sect would have to be extra careful.

Amitabha. Tyrant put his palms together and took a step forward.

Upon seeing this, Jiang Chen smiled and looked at Niu Meng with pitiful eyes. Although the cultivation method of Corpse Yin Sect was evil and malicious, Tyrant was an extraordinary talent of Buddha Sect, having a high affinity with Buddha and several powerful dharma seals of Buddha Sect. Besides, given Tyrants combat strength, Niu Meng would certainly die if he was confronted by Tyrant.

*Hong Long.*

Tyrant struck. His body was full of dazzling Buddha Radiance. Under such Buddha Radiance, Niu Mengs evil cultivation law was intensely suppressed.

Tyrant struck out the Lion King Seal. It was the highest and most formidable dharma seal of Buddha Sect. It could suppress all kinds of devils in the world. Given Tyrants current capability, he had struck out the illusion of Lion King Seal. A giant Lion King of Buddha Sect fell on Niu Meng from above like a huge mountain.

Niu Meng was overly confident from the beginning and made no attempt to dodge the attack. He wouldnt have thought that Tyrant would be this powerful. He had once fought with an eminent monk of White Dragon Temple. Although he might feel a little suppressed in the aspect of qi, it didnt really concern him. Additionally, he still had a mighty corpse puppet.

But now, Niu Meng was panic-stricken. Fear overflowed in his eyes, he realized that this monk was totally different from the monk of White Dragon Temple that he had fought. This monk had the true inheritance of Buddha Sect.


The Lion King Seal smashed Niu Mengs body. Those Buddha Radiance turned into roaring flames, intending to incinerate the devil. Niu Meng let out miserable screams. After a while the Lion King Seal exploded, Niu Mengs body burst into pieces. Blood gushed like crazy. His internal organs were detached from his body. The scene was nauseating.

Tyrant had used only a single strike to kill Niu Meng. An intermediate Immortal Emperor genius of Corpse Yin Sect couldnt even put up a resistance in front of Tyrant. The genius was entirely eradicated even before letting out his corpse puppet.


This scene frightened everyone, causing an uproar. Everyone looked at Tyrant with horrified eyes. It was like a dream that an intermediate Immortal Emperor was killed by just a single strike.

Tyrants movement was just too quick and the outcome wasnt expected by everyone. When they regained their senses, Niu Meng was already dead. Ling Du, Yun Yi and the rest were still in a daze. Perhaps in their opinion, given Niu Mengs abilities, even if he couldnt defeat the opponent, he wasnt supposed to be killed.

My God! Where did this monk came from? Why is he so powerful?

Hes a monstrous talent of White Dragon Temple. He must be from White Dragon Temple, or else he wont be this powerful.

It isnt because of the incompetence of Niu Meng. It was just that this monk is too strong to resist. The Buddha technique of the monk must have exerted a great restraint on Niu Meng, resulting in such an outcome.

No one wasnt surprised. Regardless of the factors, the fact remained that Tyrant had killed Niu Meng with just a slap. Tyrants scariness was irrefutable.

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