Dream Star Chapter 744

739 Hard To Control


When Haruka returned to the room, he found his wife on his phone. He watched her for a few minutes half amused and half annoyed. So this is what she was plotting. He thought she was a bit too obedient earlier.

"Did you find anything interesting?" Haruka asked over her shoulder.

At that comment Lila almost dropped his phone, but he caught it and passed it back to her.

"W--well, it's not like that. Uhh you've been acting strange so I was worried."

"Zane made a move when we left."


Haruka raised his eyebrows at her reaction.

"That's all?"

"Well I thought he would."

Haruka slumped his head on her chest. "I was worried."

Lila laughed softly. "It's okay Haruka."

"Sorry for being uneasy."

She shook her head. "I understand, but trust me okay? I want to be with you."

Haruka nodded. "The food is ready. I thought we could eat in the living room and watch some movies."

Lila beamed happily and she clung to his arm. "Okay let's go!"

The two of them left the study and walked down the hallway. Nobody said a word until they got to the living room. But during that time Haruka couldn't help but have a look at his wife.

These days she looked prettier. Her skin has a heal their complexion than before. So when he pushes her against the wall in the living room, he isn't surprised.

Lila laughed awkwardly. "Uhh, were continuing after all?"

"Sorry." Haruka apologized. "Are you hungry?"

She shook her head. "It's okay, you can continue."

"Lila, your tongue." Haruka mumbled against her lips. "Stick it out."

Lila did as he said and he immediately inter winded their tongues. Whenever he does anything intimate with Terashima Lila, he ends up feeling very nervous. Haruka is worried that she would leave him if he overdoes it.

His hands trailed down her thighs and he teases her for a bit, before he stopped kissing her.

He bites the strap of her dress and it falls down, exposing her breasts. Haruka brought his lips there again and started to suck.

"Hubby." Lila urged. "Please, I want more."

"Babe," he mumbled. "Remember, wait till your eighteen."

"But your already doing so much, why can't we just--" Lila leaned closer to him. "-- do it?"

"I'm pleased to know your so eager wife. But I want to keep the promise to your parents."

Lila's cheeks puffed into a pout and he chuckled. "Are you not satisfied with this? I thought you liked it."

"I do like it." Lila admitted. "But, I want more."

"More?" He licked his lips. "Alright wife, I will give you something more."

'No sex, means no penetration.' That doesn't mean he can't please her using other means. Haruka tried to avoid doing anything more than kiss her. But ever since they came to New York, he found that difficult to do so he did a bit more than he would usually.


Three hours later - XX Hotel - Room 890.

Haruka slipped inside and sighed. "I can't believe you actually came here Rikka. Are you crazy?"

Rikka sighed. "Relax, I managed to slip out undetected."

A troubled look appeared on his face but he nodded. "Do you need anything?" He looked around and only saw a small bag. "You didn't bring much."

"Yes, because I wanted to get away quickly."

"I will buy some stuff for you, just stay put here."

Rikka extended her hand out and brushed her fingers across his hair. "It seems you had fun before coming here."

"Well, my wife is cute."

She sighed and walked over to the bed. "Can you order room service for me, I'm quite hungry."

"Sure. Do you want anything in particular?"


Haruka rolled his eyes. "You just got of the plane, don't drink."

"Give me some strong ones."

What a helpless person. Haruka quickly ordered some food through room service and turned to Rikka. The girl was now slumped onto the bed. He reached over to drap the covers around her body but she grabbed his hand.

"Are you staying here with me tonight?" Rikka asked.

He shook his head. "I have to go back."

"I broke up with my boyfriend. So, Haruka stay."

'I can't believe she did that, that guy actually cared for her.' Haruka didn't think Rikka liked him this much. After all she was the one who said such cruel sounding words to him.

Haruka offered to fetch food for her and left the room.

The moment he left, he sighed. 'Damn, just when I thought I could focus on Lila.' Should he send her back? But right now it is very dangerous in Japan. The fact that Rikka managed to get out should be a blessing. That girl has nothing to do with this stuff. He turned to walk down the hallway when he spotted black hair leaning against the pillar.

Haruka froze when he saw her and awkwardly walked over. He wrapped his arms around her but she was clearly angry.

"If you wanted to meet her somewhere, did it have to be a hotel?"

"Uhh.. " Haruka trailed off. "She just landed and got here, there wasn't another place."

"I know!" Lila snapped. "But after we had such a nice time earlier, you had to leave. It feels like she is stepping on those memories."

A nice time? So she liked what happened between them? "You liked it?"

Haruka could only focus on those words.

Lila blushed slightly. "Are you even listening to me? I'm angr-" he cuts her off as he pushed her against the wall.

He brought his hungry lips to her ears. "You liked it?" He repeated.

"Yes I liked it!" Lila exclaimed. "Geez, why do you have to make me say such embarrassing thing--" he cuts her off by kissing her.


His wife liked it, she liked it? Haruka repeated those words like a spell and continued to kiss her lips. One hand ran through her legs and up her skirt.

"Hubby, you id-id----" He didn't give her a chance to finish as he pried her mouth open.

Gosh, since when did this become so addicting?

Haruka doesn't know how long he spent kissing Lila in the hallway. But the only reason he stopped is because somebody hits him in the head. Haruka glanced over and spotted an annoyed Rikka.

"You left your phone."

"Right." He turned his attention back to Lila who buried her face in his chest. 'Cute little thing must be embarrassed.'

"Did you need something else?"

"It's snowing badly outside."

Huh? Snow-- he looked at his wife and noticed something. Small traces of snow on her hair and clothes. Haruka frowned. "Hey, is the weather bad outside?"

Lila looked away. "Ah-huh."

Yet she went out?

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