Dying In The Male Leads Arms Every Time I Transmigrate Chapter 110

Chapter 110: 110

Before meeting Shi Qis mother, Ning Meng always felt that the longevity idea of the man behind the scenes was a fantasy, but when she did see it, she couldnt help but feel that the world is so big that there are no surprises. Some people want to live long, even at the mercy of killing and setting fire .

The system reminded: "Your husband is awake."

Ning Meng reflexively looked into the bed, only after realizing that the system was still the ambiguous name.

I remembered the small dark red notebook that Shi Qi's mother saw on the table just now, and I became more suspicious that it was a marriage certificate.

Before, she thought that Shi Qi didn't have it, and she ignored what he said. Who knew that it really did... and didn't know how this photo was made when she was not there.

Ning Meng shook her head and sat on the edge of the bed.

"You know?" Shi Qi asked with a frown when he opened his eyes and saw her.

He had clearly explained Lichun before, how could he let her know? Given her character, he must be worried about this and that.

Before Ning Meng said anything, the blonde woman had already spoken in a flat tone: "Without her, you thought you would wake up?"

Shi Qi's eyebrows became tighter.

His face was still very pale, and Ning Meng looked scared, "You must be well, you can't do this anymore, and don't tell me at all."

On hearing her words, Shi Qi's eyes showed a smile instead.

The corners of his lips curled up slightly, his expression was very serious, and then he nodded and promised: "Okay."

Ning Meng let him go.

She now has only the closest relatives in this world. If something happens to him, it is hard to imagine what else she will encounter, and... she doesn't want to see her get hurt at all now.

He turned his eyes to the person behind Ning Meng, his expression faded a lot, and he said, "Thank you."

Ning Meng was confused when she heard it, and wondered if it was because she thanked his mother for saving him, but the relationship between the mother and son...

As he was thinking, Shi Qi suddenly turned over and got off the bed, took Ning Meng's hand, and said coldly, "Go to the ancestral hall."

Ning Meng asked, "What's in the ancestral hall?"

Shi Qi did not answer.

He went out last night. Although he didn't know the back figure he saw last night, it gave him a familiar feeling that this person must be from Shi's family.

People can feel it after reaching a certain level. Shi Qi had that kind of strong feeling last night, and finally took him to the destination.

Ning Meng didn't ask any more, but followed him obediently, and secretly asked the system: "Did he feel dissatisfied with me?"

The system replied: "I think you might think too much about this. Your husband can't wait to tie you to the bed. It's normal not to tell you those things."

Ning Meng couldn't help but flush with his face when the system spoke like this.

Her reaction really fell into the eyes of the people beside her, she paused for a while, her breathing became heavier, and she moved her eyes severely.

The ancestral hall is in the mansion. Ning Meng went to him last time. At that time, she felt as if someone was staring at her. Later, she was forgotten about this incident and she didnt know that it had anything to do with that person. It doesn't matter.

If so, how could an outsider enter the ancestral hall?

People are not allowed to enter the basement level of Shi's family, and few people know about it. Ning Meng only found out last time. The old lady's information did not include the news of entering this ancestral hall.

Ning Meng squeezed Shiqi's finger and asked, "What did you do last night?"

Shi Qi paused, and then replied: "It's nothing."

Ning Meng didn't believe it. If there was nothing, how could he be made into the weak state he is now? He must have been fighting with someone.

This person is probably the one behind the scenes, and then ran away.

It wasn't long before he was born to know Shi Shanyan's birth date and physique. It is conceivable what kind of identity this person is in Shi's family.

The last Lixia didn't hide for many years, and she returned to Shi's house after the last twenty years before she knew her ultimate goal and fate.

This may be hidden for longer.

Ning Meng initially excluded Shi's people. Except for the maid, who lived in the mansion were Shi Shanjin and Shi Shanjin.

They definitely don't agree. Shi Shanyan was taken away as soon as he was born. Shi Shanshen and Shi Shanjin were not born. Shi Shanjin was only two years old. A two-year-old child couldn't handle this at all.

Shi Qi suddenly turned around and said, "Be careful later."

The two people's hands were held together along the way. Shi Qi's hand was very large, completely wrapping Ning Meng's hand, and did not take it out for the time being. Instead, the warmth in Shi Qi's palm gradually spread to her.

Ning Meng nodded, "I will."

The most unhelpful is the system's teleportation opportunity. Anyway, it is necessary to use it, and it may be used in the future. It is not terrible to use it first.

Shi Qi opened the door lightly, and the two of them entered together.

The ancestral hall is still burning with incense, and the strong flavor overwhelms the other flavors. The spiritual positions on the top are still on the table, row by row, the upper and lower are different, the juniors are at the bottom, and the older generations are on the top.

As for some people from the side branches, naturally they are not qualified to enter the ancestral hall.

A huge ancestral hall is still lit with candles, and there is the most central spiritual position not far away.

Ning Meng was dragged in by him, and looked back at the woman who stopped at the door. She didn't seem to have any intention of coming in, holding the urn and standing there motionless.

"She can't come in." Shi Qi said.

Seeing that she was full of doubts, she took the initiative to explain: "Here must be approved by the Shi family. She and my father are married and have no name as a husband and wife."

After the two eloped, no one would admit it. Every day they were hiding in their homes and looking for people, where would they have time to get a marriage certificate or something.

Ning Meng couldn't help thinking that she and Shi Qi were probably just the opposite. There was no such thing as a husband and wife.

Shi Qi seemed to know what she was thinking, his eyes were soft, and he slightly bent over her ear and said, "We will have them too."

The heat he exhaled hit his ears, causing Ning Meng to tremble. She almost weakened and stood there with strong support.

She glared at him, blushing, looking at the ancestral hall was not very clear, and said: "You are injured and you still think about this all day long."

Shi Qi looked at her in surprise, "Isn't this what you thought?"


I feel deceived

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