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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1060 5

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When she woke, she quickly changed and washed up.

They were basically tortured in the heat the whole morning. Their lunch break was only 20 minutes; not a minute more.

That day was the last day of military training, and they were still doing daily activities training.

The instructors of various groups selected a few members to bring out some quilts from the dormitory, and they taught everyone how to fold them.

The instructors demonstrated the folding of quilts, before making everyone practice once and ensuring that their end results looked exactly the same: a tofu-like stack.

“Line up in your usual arrangements. From front to back, all of you will fold it once. You only have one minute.”

The instructors specified the rules in their booming voice.

Immediately, unhappy complaints were heard from the congregation. “One minute to fold it to this standard?”

The instructor’s sharp gaze swept over them. “If you think that’s too much, you can do it in 30 seconds.”

“No, no, no. One minute is fine.”

Because all of them had brought their own quilt, all of them were of varying sizes and materials. Their end product would definitely turn out differently.

The quilt that the instructor folded was made from pure cotton, so it looked better when they had folded it.

It was just one minute. Everyone knew that they would be done for the day after folding the quilt.

One after the other they folded, but the instructor did not look satisfied.

When it reached Bai Jing’s turn, the instructor suddenly yelled, “All those who attempted just now, none of you passed. All of those who failed would have to run four rounds around the field later.”


The instructor’s words caused a commotion.

Four rounds around the 400-meter track amounted to 1.6 kilometers. A 1.6 kilometer run after a long day of military training was simply a brutal corporal punishment.

Bai Jing clenched her fists, nervous. If she didn’t do well, she would have to run 1.6 kilometers.

She squatted down and walked over to the quilt. She opened up the previously folded blanket and prepared herself.


Suddenly, a clear voice sounded from behind her.

Bai Jing turned around, confused. Su Yue was walking towards her.

When she reached her, Su Yue said to the instructor, “Sir, it’s simply impossible to fold this quilt to your standard.”

She said this in her arrogant Su Yue-attitude. She tilted up her chin and looked at him with neither inferiority or superiority.

Upon hearing her words, the congregation immediately agreed.

The instructor looked at her coldly. “Don’t find excuses for your incompetence.”

“Then why don’t you fold this quilt for us,” Su Yue said, pointing at the quilt.

In everyone’s eyes, it seemed like an act of arrogance.

The instructor’s expression got colder and colder. It scared Bai Jing, so she pulled at the bottom of Su Yue’s pants. “Su Yue.”

She thought, ‘At worst, I’d just run 1.6 kilometers. I’ll just be a little more tired.’

The instructor had a resolute expression. Perspiration trickled down the side of his face and he kept his silence.

Su Yue raised her eyebrows at him. “Instructor, are you scared?”

Then she continued, “If you can fold such corners with this quilt, and make it so flat, then I can, too.”

The vein on the instructor’s face popped. He still didn’t acknowledge Su Yue, but his gaze swept over the entire group. He then commanded in a loud voice, “All of you in this group, run five rounds around the field.”

“Ah?” All of their eyes widened. They cried, “We are already so tired, and we still have to run two kilometers?”

“You should thank this student for your extra round,” the instructor snarled, pointing at Su Yue.

Just one line and Su Yue had become the butt of their criticism.

One by one, glares were targeted at Su Yue.

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