Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1099 5

Chapter 1099 Third Master Has Transformed Into A Super Dad Part Seventeen

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Their cries were an ominous sign, and it struck Yan Rusheng with fear. He eyed them warily for some time.

They were so tiny and little, yet they were strong enough to kick their blankets off.

They had tied their legs to prevent the babys legs from being bowed.

"They must be hungry. Ill feed them." Xuxu saw that they were awake. She moved around and struggled to get up.

Her wounds werent completely healed since she had just given birth two days ago. She furrowed her eyebrows in pain as she sat up.

Yan Rusheng noticed her wincing and rushed over. "Dont move."

He stopped Xuxu and brought one twin to Xuxu. The baby still couldnt s*ck the milk after trying for some time.

In the end, she still had to use the pump.

Xuxu couldnt feed both at the same time and the other one began to wail even more loudly.

"Oh dear. Why is my precious darling crying so badly?"

Mu Li and Yan Weihong walked into the room. Their hearts pounded when they heard the wails.

Madam Mu Li darted to the crib and carried Yangyang. "Darling, are you hungry? Hush, dont cry. Mommy is getting your milk ready."

"Here it is." Xuxu produced some milk into the milk bottle. Mu Li took the bottle and began to feed him.

Finally, it was silent.

Yan Weihong, who was trailing behind Mu Li, spoke up after some contemplation. "Let them drink formula milk," said Yan Weihong in his deep voice.

His heart was aching when he heard their crieshe really doted on his grandchildren too much. They were crying so pitifully because of hunger.

Feeding them with bre*st milk would be ideal, but he would rather have them drink formula milk than let them cry.

Xuxu smiled. "They can drink bre*st milk and formula milk together."

Yan Weihong didnt reply. Instead, he walked to Mu Li and sat down.

He gazed at the adorable fellow and a gentle smile appeared on his face. "This fellow is really famished."

"How do you know that he is Yangyang?" Mu Li eyed Yan Weihong suspiciously.

He replied smugly, "He is my grandson. Of course, I would know."

Mu Li rolled her eyes at him and continued to gaze at the baby.

Both of them gazed intently at the children. Their love and adoration for the twins seemed to overflow from their eyes.

Mu Li turned to glance at Xuxu. "You should get discharged today. Staying in a hospital isnt a good idea."

The room she was staying in was the premium private suite, but Mu Li felt that even so, it couldnt compare to their house.

Most importantly, she and her husband couldnt be with them to help around. And the couple lacked sleep, too.

Mu Li paused and didnt give Xuxu a chance to speak up. "The news of you giving birth hasnt been leaked yet. Before the reporters surround the hospital, we should go home soon. If not, it would be hard to leave."

Xuxu asked, "Did the matron say that I can leave?"

It had only been two days.

"Yours was a natural birth so you can go home." Mu Li added, "If youre still worried, Ill get a nurse to follow us home."

Xuxu shook her head. "Its all right. I can get discharged today. It should be fine."

She began to dial a number on her phone. "Ill call my grandfather to head to our house directly."

The matron settled the paperwork personally. Naturally, it took them just a short while for Xuxu to be discharged.

The car entered the courtyard and stopped.

Yan Weihong got down first, followed by Mu Li and Yan Weihong who carried a baby each in their arms.

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