Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1109

Chapter 1109 Youve Been Drugged Part Two

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Lei Yong didnt shun her attacks even though they landed heavily on his arms.

His expression hardened even more. His grip on Bai Jings neck tightened and Bai Jings face was turning purple. She looked at Zhang Lihong pleadingly. "Ahh Save me"

Zhang Lihong was badly frightened. She looked at Lei Yong and said in a trembling voice, "Lei Yong, quickly let go off Xiaojing."

Lei Yong didnt heed her words. He commanded, "Get out."

Zhang Lihong continued, "Let go of her, you beast."

She walked over to him and pounded her fists at him. Lei Yong suddenly let go of Bai Jing but gripped onto Zhang Lihongs neck instead. He forced her to look at him. He said, "Then you can take her place. My father is not in; he brought Tiantian out."

Then, using his other hand, he ripped open Zhang Lihongs clothes. All the buttons on her blouse popped offno button was spared.

It revealed Zhang Lihongs fair skin.

Seeing the scene that unfolded before her, Bai Jing froze in fright. She stared at Lei Yong, as though he was a demon.

This man is too scary.She shook her head, flustered as she retreated.

"Lei Yong, you beast," Zhang Lihong chided as she slapped him across the face. There was a mixture of embarrassment and anger on her face.

The slap awoke his inner beast. He stretched and lifted Zhang Lihongs skirt, grabbing onto her panties. He was ready to pull them down.

"Dont!" Bai Jing suddenly shouted. She shook her head. "Dont."

"What?" Lei Yong stopped mid-action. He looked at Bai Jing and raised his eyebrows. "Youve decided to come?"

Bai Jing took a deep breath, closing her eyes in despair. Her eyelashes were trembling as she said, "I promise you, Ill follow your instructions tonight."

Lei Yong smirked. "Couldnt you have said this earlier?"

He then let go of Zhang Lihong and pushed her away.

He pointed at the gown on the floor and said to Bai Jing, "Change into it. Someone will be here in a while to do your hair and makeup."

He then turned and walked out.

"Xiaojing." Zhang Lihong pulled down her skirt, turning around to hug Bai Jing. Crying, she said, "Xiaojing, Ive let you down. I dragged you into this."

Bai Jings face was still strewn with tears. Her gaze was as cold as ice. She pushed Zhang Lihong away with all her might and roared, "Scram!"

She pushed Zhang Lihong out of the room.

Zhang Lihong grabbed onto her hand. "Xiaojing, I know you hate me."

"Youre not my mother," Bai Jing cried. "You left my father and I for this family to live this kind of filthy life? I dont want to see you. You disgust me."

She then pushed her out and slammed the door shut. She leaned against the door and she slid down slowly, squatting as she bawled silently.

Zhang Lihong stood still at the door. She turned around, walking towards the staircase.

When she walked past the study room, the door suddenly opened. Someone grabbed her and pulled her into the room.

She was shocked but seeing who it was; she heaved a sigh of relief. She then stared at him unhappily. "You went overboard."

Lei Yong smiled coldly. "Would she give in if I didnt?"

Zhang Lihong became serious. "Im warning you: shes still my daughter. If you really give her to President Chen, that old pervert, I wont let you off."

Lei Yong ignored her, lowering his head to give her a peck. He slid his hands into her clothes as he said, "The old man isnt around today."

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