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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1114 5

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“Alright, don’t worry. I just made her drink two glasses of wine with President Chen. I won’t let anything happen to her.”

“I got it.”

A familiar male voice sounded from the staircase landing. When Yan Rusheng walked past it, the door was closed.

It was Lei Yong!

The ‘ her’ he was referring to was Bai Jing, wasn’t it?

He ‘made Bai Jing drink two glasses of wine with President Chen’ ?

Like Ming Ansheng, he knew that Lei Yong didn’t bring Bai Jing along for innocent reasons. But he didn’t expect him to make her drink with the perverted President Chen.

Disgust flashed across Yan Rusheng’s eyes.

He could no longer hear Lei Yong’s voice, so he knew that he had ended his call.

Yan Rusheng remained expressionless as he walked over to the lift.

The moment he did, Lei Yong emerged from the staircase landing.

Yan Rusheng stood by the lift, and he pressed the lift button. He glanced over to see Lei Yong reenter the ballroom.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets, unmoving.

Ding. The lift doors opened. He was about to enter, but he froze when he lifted his head.

“Bai Jing?”

Bai Jing was in the lift, leaning against the side of the lift. Her face and body were flushed and her hair was slightly messy.

One look and he knew that something was up.

“Third Brother, save me,” Bai Jing pleaded. She felt like she had met her savior so she flew towards him, hugging onto him tightly. “Save me, I don’t want to sleep with that old man. I don’t want to—”

She started bawling, her grip never loosening on his shirt.

Yan Rusheng entered the lift and the doors closed. He pushed her away forcefully.

She was burning up and by the looks of it, one could tell that she had been drugged. “Calm down, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Bai Jing was losing consciousness. She was shaking her head violently and terror seized her. “I don’t want to. I don’t want to sleep with that old man…”

She said as she held on tightly to her clothes.

Yan Rusheng grabbed her hands. “Bai Jing, listen to me. You’re safe now. I’ll take you to the hospital and everything will be fine.”

The lift reached the first floor after he had finished his sentence.

Yan Rusheng dragged Bai Jing out of the lift. The main lobby was filled with people. Yan Rusheng reminded her softly, “There are many people here, so hang in there for a while longer.”

She was still in university. If the news that she had been drugged broke out, it didn’t matter if anything happened to her—it would be difficult for her to continue staying in school.

His voice was effective in calming her down. In an instant, Bai Jing seemed to regain some consciousness. She obediently nodded her head.

Bai Jing seemed like she was tipsy. Yan Rusheng held her by the elbow and led her out.

Yan Rusheng called for his chauffeur to drive to the main entrance. He opened the door and stuffed Bai Jing into the back row. He then got into the front passenger seat.

“Go to the nearest hospital,” he ordered.

He took out his phone and called Xuxu.

Xuxu was feeding the children their milk with Mu Li by her side.

Su Yue was like a curious toddler, observing by the side.

After hearing her phone ring, Xuxu put everything aside and looked for her phone. When she saw who was calling, she picked it up. “Ah Sheng.”

She knew that Yan Rusheng was attending a corporate event, so she was curious as to why he was phoning her.

Over the phone, Yan Rusheng told her about Bai Jing’s situation. Xuxu was outraged. “That damned man, he’s worse than a beast.”

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