Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1188 9

Chapter 1188 Bai Jings Scandal Part Six

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“Yan Rusheng, what are you doing?” Xuxu turned her head and caught him pointing the camera at her.

He was obviously taking a picture of her.

Her expression darkened, and she tried to snatch it from him.

Yan Rusheng hid his phone from her. He shook his head. “I’m not posting it. This is for my keepsake.”

He then smirked evilly. “I’ll look at it when I’m overseas when I miss my wife.”

Xuxu was dumbfounded.

She would not play along with him since Yueyue was around.

She looked down to see the two previously starving babies with their eyes closed and fast asleep.

She turned and gave Yan Rusheng a meaningful glance.

Yan Rusheng immediately understood what she meant. He took one child from her and carefully placed him in the crib before taking the other kid from her.

Both of them slept peacefully in the crib.

Yan Rusheng held on to the side of the crib, watching them with a gentle gaze.

“Their mouths move when they sleep,” Su Yue commented, as though it was a great revelation. She bent closer towards them and stared at their small mouths, smiling in shock.

“Shh!” Yan Rusheng put his fingers to his lips, warning her to keep quiet. Then he whipped out his phone and took a picture of the two kids, uploading it onto Moments on WeChat.

‘Having a girl and a boy is the biggest blessing.’

He added an emoji with sunglasses that revealed golden teeth, revealing his pride.

He put aside his phone after he uploaded it. He leaned backward, preparing to lie on the bed.

Xuxu hurriedly stopped him. She contemptuously said, “Yan Rusheng, go and change your clothes first. You’ve been wearing this the whole day. It’s filthy.”

Yan Rusheng happily nodded. “Okay.”

Then he got up and grinned at Xuxu. “I’ll get a shower.”

Before Xuxu could react, Su Yue, who was standing in front of her, asked, “Third Brother, why are you showering now?”

It was still daytime. Shouldn’t he shower at night?

Yan Rusheng turned his head and frowned at her. “Little one, go and play outside.”

It was all her fault for intruding at the wrong time. If it weren’t for her, he would have been‘in action’right now.

Indeed, the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks.

“I don’t want to,” Su Yue said. She sat beside Xuxu and threw a tantrum. She hugged Xuxu’s elbow and pouted, glaring at Yan Rusheng. “I want to talk to third sister-in-law.”

Xuxu waved him away. “Go to the room opposite to change your clothes and do whatever you want to.”

She had a look of utmost annoyance and despise.

Young Master Yan felt like they stabbed him a million times.

But he knew that he couldn’t refuse. So he worked now and waited for the‘high’in the night.

Yan Rusheng walked out and gently closed the door.

Su Yue lay down when the door closed.

“Third sister-in-law.”

She looked at Xuxu, pouting. She frowned as though something burdened her.

“Mm?” Xuxu replied, turning to look at her and knowing that something was on her mind. She lay down beside her and smiled at her small face. “What’s wrong? What do you want to talk to your third sister-in-law about?”

This seemed to be the first time she was feeling troubled.

Was it because she was dating?

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