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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1190 1

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Bai Jing was hiding under the covers.

Her body was trembling—it was obvious that she was sobbing.

She was crying!

Su Yue rushed over immediately. “Bai Jing.”

She was by her bedside as she pulled at her blanket gently.

“Bai Jing…” she said, her heart aching.

She must have been devastated to be involved in such a scandal.

Su Yue was feeling sad for Bai Jing.

Suddenly, Bai Jing flipped her blanket over. She pushed her away with all her might. “Scram! Stop shedding crocodile tears.”

She glared at Su Yue with hatred, as though she was about to swallow her whole.

Su Yue wasn’t expecting such a blow, so she stumbled a few steps backward. After regaining her footing, her outburst startled her.

She opened her mouth, looking at her innocently. “Bai Jing…”

Bai Jing cut her off. “Don’t call me.”

She suddenly sat up, her eyes blazing with rage.

Su Yue froze in fear, not knowing what to do.

‘The rumor must have agitated Bai Jing,’ she thought.

‘That’s why she yelled at me.’

She stepped forward again and comforted, “Bai Jing, I believe that you’re not that kind of person.”

She was with Bai Jing every day, and they were best friends. How would she do such a thing?

She wouldn’t fancy that old man in his fifties for sure.

Drugged… Drugged…

‘Xiaojing, I didn’t know that that beast would drug you…’

Su Yue suddenly recalled the words Bai Jing’s mother had said when she tried to explain the drug incident to Bai Jing. ‘Could it be…?’

Her eyes widened in horror and her mouth hung open.

No wonder Bai Jing had such a huge reaction when she mentioned it that day.

“You believe me?” Bai Jing laughed coolly. “Su Yue, I really misjudged you. You’re always acting so naïve and pure…”

Bai Jing sneered.

Su Yue recovered from her stupor and walked towards her. “Bai Jing, I really believe you. You’re not that kind of person. We’re best friends.”

That old man was probably already married. How would Bai Jing be a mistress?

Su Yue stretched her hand to pat her on the shoulder as an act of comfort.

Bai Jing suddenly glared at her with a venomous stare and it scared Su Yue off.

Su Yue shook her head. “Bai Jing, don’t do this. I really believe you. Don’t worry, when I find out who started the rumors, I’ll teach them a good lesson for sure.”

She gritted her teeth as she said that, her eyes cold.

Bai Jing had never seen this side of Su Yue before. It was the same side she had seen at the mall when she was in a fight with Tang Feiling. It startled her.

Bai Jing hesitated as she looked at Su Yue. She then looked at her doubtfully, sizing her up, trying to figure out if it was all an act.

‘Bai Jing, your mother said that you were drugged. What drug was that?’

Did she really not know?

No, she didn’t believe her. There were so many books and dramas nowadays, how could Su Yue be naïve enough to not know what drug she had taken?

Her acting must’ve been too convincing. That must be it.

A cold gleam flashed across her eyes.

Bai Jing hugged Su Yue. “I really didn’t. Su Yue, I really didn’t.”

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