Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 Bai Jings Scandal Part Ten

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"Thats right," Su Yue agreed, smiling as she nodded. She was glad that Bai Jing had come to terms with it.

She was wondering how to comfort Bai Jing, so she ignored the part where she mentioned her previous rumor.

Bai Jing pressed her lips together, looking at Su Yue gratefully. "Thank you, Su Yue."

"Were best friends," Su Yue quipped. She was smiling innocently.

She looked at Bai Jing with a pure and innocent gaze.

Bai Jings scandal seemed to spread wilder than Su Yues.

Although Su Yue had already phoned Xuxu. She asked Yan Rusheng to inform the school to get the posters removed.

However, this incident still significantly affected Bai Jing.

People would give her odd looks whenever she stepped out of the door, so she gradually stopped leaving the dormitory room. She refused to attend lessons as well.

"Bai Jing, shall we go out for a meal later?" Su Yue asked. Whenever she left the house, she was always worried about Bai Jing. She was afraid that she would do something rash.

Xuxu instructed her to spend more time with her and bring her out for walks.

But Bai Jing refused every time.

Bai Jing was sitting before the desk, a mock paper before her. She was holding a pen as she pondered over the questions in all seriousness. It was as though she couldnt hear Su Yue at all.

She had been going on like this for a few days and she didnt seem to get better. Worried, Su Yue suggested, "Lets grab a bite with Jiaojiao later, then catch a movie. Or we could go to the playground."

Then she thought of something and her eyes brightened. She hugged her elbow and suggested with a smile, "Didnt you say that youve always wanted to ride the revolving wooden horse? Lets go tonight."

Bai Jing only reacted since Su Yue grabbed her elbow. She turned around to look at her. She plainly replied, "Su Yue, you go ahead. I dont feel like going."

She then pushed Su Yues hand off her arm and returned her attention to the paper.

Su Yue didnt give up. She pulled her arm again. "Lets go together."

Bai Jing put down her pen and turned around. She smiled at Su Yue and said, "I dont want to be alight bulbby going out with you and Jiao Chen. Dont worry, Im fine. I just want some time alone to process it all."

Her voice was soft but adamant. Su Yue pursed her lips and didnt press on further. "Then Then Ill buy dinner back for you."

Bai Jing nodded and agreed.

After which she turned expressionless once again.

Su Yue pursed her lips. "Ill get changed then."

After turning around, she opened her cupboard doors and took out a stack of clothes.

It was her first date with Jiao Chen.

No, it was their first official date. Jiao Chen wanted to bring her out for a meal and a movie.

She felt that she should dress formally.

What exactly should she wear?

Su Yue glanced at the huge pile of clothes. Xuxu bought all of them. They were the newest autumn clothes across various brands.

Xuxu didnt care about the brands of her own clothes, but she insisted on treating Su Yue like a princess. So all of Su Yues clothes were at least a thousand dollars.

She picked a few outfits and stood before the mirror. Finally, she settled on a blue body-hugging sweater, coupled with champagne red leather pants and black flats.

It was trendy, yet it wasnt her usual cute style.

Her hair was tied up in a loose ponytail and her fringe was let down.

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