Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1421 5

Chapter 1421 I Wont Let Go Of Your Hand Part Seven

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Su Yue didnt reply. She picked up the cup from the floor and said, Ill get you another cup.

Although her voice was small, the stubbornness in her voice was apparent.

Ming Zhongsheng frowned as he watched her leave, filled with inexplicable anger.

It seemed like this lass wasnt as easy to handle as he had thought.

Grandfather, have some tea.

Su Yue returned with a fresh cup of tea, placing it before him.

Put it down. I dont want to drink tea now, Ming Zhongsheng ordered, as though he was an emperor. Then he added, I want to have a talk with you.

Su Yue complied and placed the cup on the coffee table. She sat down beside him, some distance apart.

Before he could say anything, she smiled and asked, Grandfather, what do you want to talk to me about?

Her hands got scalded earlier and she was in agonizing pain. The back of her palms were already a different shade of red.

She intertwined her fingers to relieve the pain.

Ming Zhongsheng glanced at her hands and shock flashed across his eyes. But his expression remained cold and arrogant. Leave Ming Ansheng. The two of you cant be together.

Su Yue confidently smiled. I wont leave him. He also said that he wont leave me.

She believed in herself, and she believed in Uncle Ming.

Ming Zhongsheng flashed a cold smile. Lass, you will not relent until you fail utterly, are you?

Before she could reply, he continued, Do you know why Meiduo agreed to break up with Ming Ansheng back then? Do you know that theyve been keeping in contact all these years?

I know. Uncle Ming brought me to see her. So what? Su Yue nonchalantly blinked. Uncle Ming is almost twenty-seven years old. Isnt it normal for him to have a few ex-girlfriends?

Although it irked her, after careful consideration, indeed it was normal.

Middle-school students were already dating. What a more twenty-seven-year-old man?

This time, she didnt give Ming Zhongsheng a chance to speak. She immediately continued, He still kept in contact with Meiduo after you forced their breakup. It shows that hes not heartless. Isnt he even more worthy of my love?

Her gaze was pure and innocent.

Ming Zhongsheng watched her, a glimmer of fear passing through him. He was feeling very unsure.

Was this lass really that nave, or did she bury her feelings in too deep?

Ming Zhongsheng went into a reverie as he observed Su Yue.

Su Yue continued, Grandfather, Im so beautiful and Uncle Ming is so handsome. Our children will be so good-looking. Wouldnt you like that?

Ming Zhongsheng was speechless.

He stared at her innocent face and anger bubbled within him.

He retorted coolly, When the time comes, I hope that you wont cry and regret everything.

Su Yue smiled and shook her head. I wont. I wont regret.

Ansheng went to Country M to visit Meiduo this time. He brought you along? Ming Zhongsheng squinted, his scrutinizing gaze on Su Yue.

He didnt want to miss a single reaction from her.

A friend of mine is sick and I happened to be in Country M, so I went to visit her. So I postponed my flight

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