Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1520

Chapter 1520 Best Man And Bridesmaid Part Three

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Third Lu glanced at one of the boys and said, “It’s our wedding today. She is our maid.”

She glanced at the other boy and commanded him, “Brother! You are the eunuch!”

Zhou Shuang was speechless

She wasn’t a patient mother towards her children. But amongst her children, she was slightly more patient towards Third Lu as she was the youngest.

However, Third Lu was the most playful, and she was the best at acting cute. So everyone doted on her the most.

She often ordered the two older siblings around.

The oldest Lu frowned. “Eunuchs don’t have p*nis. I have.”

So, he refused to be a eunuch.

Zhou Shuang was speechless

They were polluting her ears!

“You are lying!” Third Lu glanced at Second Lu and instructed, “Sister, you’re the concubine. I want to marry the king but you are angry with me. So you want to harm my baby.”

She used her hand to rub her belly.

Zhou Shuang was exasperated!

TV dramas were too toxic.

Their grandmother loved to watch this period drama, and she watched it a couple of times.

A pretty little girl who was standing quietly beside them spoke up as she grabbed her brother, Yan Nuoxing’s arm. “Then, I’m the queen.”

Third Lu quipped, “The queen is a bad person.”

Yan Wenxin replied, “The queen is a good person.”

Third Lu raised her voice and shouted, “The queen is bad! She killed my child.”

Yan Wenxin didn’t watch this TV drama but she just felt that the queen should be a good person. She raised her voice and insisted, “The queen is a good person!”

There was a long pause

The two girls were bickering and they refused to give in to each other. Their cheeks became red.

Zhou Shuang was planning to ignore them.

Xiaojiao was much shorter than all of them, and she quietly observed the two older sisters arguing. She was peering at them with her chin tilted upward.

After a long while, she interjected, “You are both bad people. Xiaojiao is the good person.”

She didn’t pronounce the words clearly, but her tone was unyielding.

After snapping at them, she turned around to look at Zhou Shuang. “I want Mommy.”

Her eyes darted around as she observed her surroundings. She was still gnawing on her chicken wing when she broke down in tears.

“Don’t cry. I’ll bring you to find Mommy.” Zhou Shuang had no other way but to carry Xiaojiao.

“Mommy, you can’t carry her!” Third Lu yelled as she saw Zhou Shuang carry Xiaojiao. Jealousy overcame her.

She scuttled over to Zhou Shuang and grabbed her leg, looking as if she was going to cry any moment.

Zhou Shuang was speechless

Xiaojiao glanced at Third Lu who was stopping her from looking for her own mommy. She bawled even louder and her cries echoed around the hall.

Both of them were crying at the same time, and the scene was

“Xiaojiao, don’t cry. Be a good girl,” said Zhou Shuang in a gentle tone of voice as bent her back to place Xiaojiao on the floor. Then she turned to Third Lu and spoke sternly. “Let go of me.”

The little girl screamed and cried at the top of her lungs.

Zhou Shuang furrowed her eyebrows. “Aren’t you letting go?”

“What is happening here?”

Lu Yinan heard his daughter’s cries, and he ran over.

He saw her tear-strewn face and his heart seemed to shatter into pieces. “What happened to Yanyan?”

Zhou Shuang answered, “Xiaojiao wants to look for her mommy. This crybaby refused to let me leave and kept pulling my leg.”

Third Lu said in between her sobs, “Mommy doesn’t like me.”

“Chicken wing.”

Xiaojiao walked to a towering figure who stood a distance away from therm.

She raised her hand and showed him the chicken wing. She tip-toed and raised her head to gaze at the man.

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