Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1666 9

Chapter 1666 Mommy And Uncle Sleeping Together Part Six

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Su Yue didnt sleep in the day. She yawned widely as she slumped against the bed. She wanted to reply to some orders, but her eyelids felt so heavy.

She switched off the laptop and quickly washed up. Then she collapsed on the bed.

This was the VIP suite, and the bed was spacious enough to accommodate three people.

It was as if they designed it for a family of three.

Ming Ansheng stood by the bed with rolled-up sleeves and pants. He still had droplets of water on his face after washing up.

This VIP suite was fully equipped, but it didnt come with clothes nor towels. So, he had to make do by washing only his face and feet.

He stuffed his hands inside his pockets.

He fixed his shrewd-looking eyes on the woman and girl on the bed. His face split into a toothy grin.


Ming Ansheng quietly sighed to himself before rounding the bed.

He went to Su Yue.

He sighed because, after an intense struggle, he had chosen the woman.

Ming Ansheng treaded lightly across the room. He bent and pressed his palms against the bed. Then he gradually sat down as quietly as possible.

After confirming that Su Yue was asleep, he heaved a sigh of relief. He carefully lifted the blanket.

He propped his legs on the bed.

Finally, he placed his legs under the blanket. The trickiest part now was to slide his body smoothly. He needed to be extra careful and slow during the process.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

When he finally laid down, he realized that his back and forehead were perspiring. Even his palms were covered in cold sweat.

F*ck!How could Yan Rusheng be so natural when doing something so sneaky?

And yet, he felt as though his heart was about to leap out any moment.

Ming Ansheng inwardly cursed at his friend with his hand on his chest. After his heartbeat resumed to a normal rate, he turned to Su Yue.

She looked so beautiful and lovely. She was breathing deeply, and there she was, just within his touch.

His lips unconsciously curled into a smile.

Without a doubt, his body started to respond. Just by looking at Su Yues face and feeling her warmth, he was seized with a desire.

Ming Anshengs palms began to sweat again as he tried to touch Su Yue. But he retreated immediately when his fingers brushed against her clothes.

He feared that if Su Yue woke up, she might flare up. And she might forbid him to come near them ever again.

But he couldnt stop himself he wanted to get close to her. Just a hug will do.

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!

But alas, he withdrew his hand the moment he touched her clothes. Ming Ansheng felt as though something was tickling his heart, and he was getting frustrated.

How he wished he could just pounce on her.

That would be wonderful.

He had dreamt of doing this countless times. But every time he did, he would wake up right away.

Ming Ansheng knew he couldnt do it. So, he gave up and got off the bed.

Yan Rusheng, how did you manage to be so despicable?

Ming Ansheng texted Yan Rusheng out of frustration. He felt for his pocket.

He was looking for his cigarettes.

But they were empty. Then he recalled that he was trying to quit smoking. He had finished a whole packet of chewing gum in a few days.

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