Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1900 9

Chapter 1900 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Six

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Xuxu thought about it and began to feel indignant. She raised her eyebrows and appeared brimming with confidence. "Those who liked me were top students, comparable to tons of your bimbos! Why should I be embarrassed?"

She had said it in a fit of anger, but when she thought about it, it seemed true.

Zhao Zheng was one of the top students, and Hao Bang was the top scorer for science in the college entrance examinations.

Xuxu couldnt conceal her grin as she thought of it.

Hmph. She wanted to wipe the smug look off his face.

"Zhao Zheng?" Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows. "Where is he now? He broke the school rules and was fired for having inappropriate behaviors with a female student among other charges. Hes still in jail"

He paused and pretended to be deep in thought. "Oh, wasnt he sentenced to two years in jail? He should have been released by now."

Xuxu knocked his head when she saw his smug look. "Will you become pregnant if you stopped pretending?"

He knew why Zhao Zheng was imprisoned and havent been released.

"Oh, yes." Yan Rusheng continued, "I forgot. He had a fight with a fellow inmatea drug dealerand made him blind in his right eye. So they sentenced him to another five years"

When the words left his mouth, he couldnt take his joke any longer. The corners of his eyes and mouth crinkled with a smile.

"Youre so mean." Xuxu bit his shoulder.

Yan Rusheng jumped in pain. Of course, he didnt exact his revenge. When she moved away, he immediately swooped down and bit her lips.

With her lips still in his mouth, he said, "Those men only liked you because of your decent looks. Im the only foolish man who fully accepts you."

Xuxu rolled her eyes. "Its been tough on you, Young Master."

"Good that you know. Youd better repay me." Yan Rusheng bit her lip gently, reminding her of how to do just that.

Xuxu feigned ignorance. "How do you want me to repay you?"

She held in her shyness and stared into Yan Rushengs malicious eyes.

Suddenly, her warmth left his back and Xuxu suddenly stretched her hand down his body, grabbing his crotch in one swift motion. She smiled mischievously and raised her eyebrows. "Do you want me to break it off or burst your balls?"

Yan Rusheng was speechless

This stupid woman made him crazily frustrated whenever she acted coy.

But now that she was acting so unrestrained and unreserved he couldnt take it! She mentioned breaking his d*ck or bursting his balls so directly.

But He loved it. He was incredibly excited.

"Wife, burst them!"

Young Master Yan couldnt hold in his desires any longer. He passionately kissed her lips.

Xuxu lay in Yan Rushengs embrace. She was completely worn out.

But she wasnt tired in the least. The television was on and an old Country Y romance film was playing. They listened.

Hearing the English conversation between the protagonists, Xuxu suddenly thought of Su Yue. She lifted her head and said, "Yueyue told me that she wants to go to Country Y next month."

Yan Rusheng frowned at her. "Shouldnt she be discussing this with Ming Ansheng?"

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