Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1902 1

Chapter 1902 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Eight

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It had only been a few years, but she looked like she had aged by decades.

She loomed over the children, her hair pinned up neatly.

Her eyebrows were thick and her eyes were as big as ever.

But she had lost her elegance and noble air.

She was like a beautiful flower that suffered a huge storm. She was no longer as gorgeous as before.

Su Yues eyes reddened and her eyes brimmed with tears.

She bit her lip and tried to control her emotions as she stared at her.

"Is that granny the matron?" Xiaojiao suddenly asked Su Yue innocently.

Su Yue nodded, her voice choked.

She could no longer hold back her tears. Fortunately, Xiaojiao was sitting in the back row and she could only see her side-view.

She hurriedly sat up straight and wiped away her tears. She started the car and drove away from the orphanage.

Seeing Su Yue drive away, Xiaojiao asked in confusion, "Mommy, are we not going in?"

Su Yue sniffed and shook her head. She pressed her lips in a tight smile. "Nope, Mommy only came to take a look at Grandmother."

Xiaojiao asked curiously, "Was that Grandmother Mommys friend?"

Su Yue wanted to nod to prevent her from asking more questions. But after some thought, she told her the truth. "That grandmother was Daddys mommy."

She turned around to glance at Xiaojiao.

Xiaojiao blinked in confusion. "Isnt Daddys mommy Brother Beibeis grandmother?"

Looking at Xiaojiaos bright eyes, Su Yue forced a smile. She gently explained, "That grandmother is Daddy Jiao Chens mother."

"Oh." Xiaojiao nodded in understanding. But she asked, "Then why didnt Mommy go in?"

Without hesitation, Su Yue gave her an excuse. "Mommy just remembered that she didnt bring a gift. Ill go in next time when I have one."

This excuse was enough to convince the innocent Xiaojiao.

Xiaojiao also felt that it was rude to visit without a gift. She nodded. "Okay, next time bring Xiaojiao along."

"Mm." Su Yue smiled and turned away. She wiped her tears with the back of her palm.

When they reached the capital city, it was teatime.

Su Yue originally wanted to find Ming Ansheng, but she unknowingly drove to Flourish & Prosper.

Perhaps it was because she had been wanting to visit Su Yan since last night. It had been a few days since he returned, but she had only seen him twice.

He was busier than Ming Ansheng every day, and it worried her that hed be overworked.

"Miss Su."

"Miss Su."

Su Yue had been to the office several times. Those working at the counter were elderly staff, so they recognized her and greeted her.

Su Yue smiled and nodded, walking towards the lift.

She pressed the button and the doors immediately opened. Holding Xiaojiaos hand, she walked into the lift and pressed the button.

In the blink of an eye, she had reached her floor and the doors opened. She was about to bring Xiaojiao out when she saw a pretty woman dressed in a trendy outfit standing at the entrance to the lift.

She was clad in luxury brands and smelled of expensive perfume. Although Su Yue wasnt a fan of luxury items, she liked to read up on them and she could thus recognize them.

But she didnt just recognize the limited-edition luxury items she was wearing for she recognized her face as well.

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