Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1903 1

Chapter 1903 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Nine

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This face had appeared at bus stops, in advertisements for various websites, as well as on the big screen at the main entrance of Wealth Shopping Mall.

She was the ambassador of a milk brand. She was unbelievably hot Ai Ruili!

Su Yue suddenly recalled her name. She stared at her in shock. What was this celebrity doing at Flourish & Prosper?

Did Flourish & Prosper release a new product and was looking for spokespersons? Or had the contract for their previous endorsement ended, and they were changing ambassadors?

Su Yue held Xiaojiaos hand as they exited the lift. She sized Ai Ruili up in confusion.

Ai Ruili kept her chin up and didnt even look at her. She walked into the lift and put on her sunglasses. Her stiletto heels were extremely high and her heels looked only slightly thicker than chopsticks.

She created thudding sounds and the lift doors closed, leaving only her trace of perfume.

Su Yue took a few steps and looked back towards the lift.


Xiaojiao suddenly let go of her hand and sprinted forward. Su Yue looked over. A tall man in a tuxedo smiled as he walked over. She smiled. "Brother."

She quickened her pace and greeted him.

When Xiaojiao was only a meter away from Su Yan, he squatted down and stretched out his arms. "Xiaojiao, come here."

Xiaojiao drew nearer and he hugged her. He couldnt help but squeeze her soft and chubby body.

His actions were filled with affection.

Then he carried her and Su Yue reached them at the same time. He said, "Lets go in."

Su Yan plainly said to Su Yue as he turned to walk into his office.

It had been half a year since she was last at Flourish & Prosper. It didnt seem to have changed much. It was dead silent and everyone was buried in their own work. Most of them looked listless and wanted to catch a shuteye.

When they walked past the staffs office, the same faint perfume lingered. Su Yue recalled something and asked, "Brother, was that Ai Ruili, the actress who just received some award, whom I just saw?"

She was so well known; she shouldnt have gotten it wrong.

"Mm." Su Yan nodded.

Su Yue curiously asked, "Whats she doing at Flourish & Prosper? Is there a new collaboration?"

"Mm." Su Yan nodded. "Were releasing our fifth batch of products and we invited her to be our guest at the product launch. And it so happened that her contract for our previous endorsement deal has ended too, so were discussing it."

So it was for work.Su Yue pressed her lips. Still confused, she asked, "But dont those stars always bring their managers or personal assistants along for business appointments?"

That was how it was portrayed in those drama series as well as tabloid magazines. Famous stars even brought their personal assistants along when they went shopping.

Why did she come here alone?

Su Yan frowned. "Why do care about this?"

"Im just curious. Its my first time being in such close proximity with a star." Su Yue joked, "It was such a good opportunity. I should have asked for a photo and an autograph so that I can brag to my friends."

In actual fact, she had no interest in celebrities.

She tagged along when Xuxu and Ming Ansheng attended some high-profile events. Which celebrity has she not seen before?

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