Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1905 5

Chapter 1905 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Eleven

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In a matter of a few days, the grandmother and grandchild had gotten much closer. So, she wasnt worried about leaving the little lass with her grandmother.

But of course, shed miss her.

Su Yan was still gazing at Xiaojiao with a tender smile. "I can use this opportunity to bond with her."

He sounded certain.

The past few years, he had been swarmed with work that he wasnt able to take proper care of Su Yue and Xiaojiao especially. The number of times he spent time with Xiaojiao could be counted with his fingers.

Su Yue turned to Su Yan and mocked, "You shouldnt be bonding with Xiaojiao, but my future sister-in-law."

Then she feigned being deep in thought. "Oh, I forgot. You dont even have a girlfriend."

She didnt even bother hiding her mocking expression. Su Yan knocked her head gently. "How dare you laugh at me?"

Su Yue denied, "I wouldnt dare."

But the smile on her face gave her away. She was obviously mocking him.

Mocking his singlehood.

Su Yan smiled and remained silent. He looked at Xiaojiao, complex emotion started to fill in his gaze.

Su Yue placed her cup down and held Su Yans arm. She asked sweetly, "Brother, when are you planning to find me a sister-in-law and an aunt for Xiaojiao? Im already attached and I have Xiaojiao."

"So, you should move back in. You can move back to the Mings after I get married," Su Yan suggested, thinking that his idea was brilliant. He nodded in determination. "Mm. Its settled then. Ill tell Ming Ansheng later."

Su Yue stuck her tongue out at him and rolled her eyes.

She knew that Uncle Ming would go mad.

Furthermore, if he doesnt eventually get married, doesnt that mean that she has to stay there forever?

Su Yue hugged his arm tightly and pouted. She shook her head, saying, "No, I dont want to. Youre just trying to make me join you in your singlehood."

Su Yan smiled. "Then stop worrying over nothing."

He looked askew at her, his affectionate smile hinting some solemness.

He fell into a reverie.

Suddenly, Su Yue peered up at him. "How have I been worrying over nothing? Youve always been single. Dont you feel tortured seeing third brother and third sister-in-law acting so lovingly all day at the office?"

When Uncle Ming had gotten together with her in secret back then, her third brother had tortured him badly.

Furthermore, he used to like third sister-in-law. Even if he had gotten over her, he should feel terrible whenever he saw them together.

Su Yan shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. He shook his head and said, "I dont feel anything about it."

His attitude was indeed nonchalant and didnt seem unusual.

Su Yue sized him up and suspiciously gazed at him. "Have you not gotten over third sister-in-law?"

Although she didnt understand Su Yan very well, she knew that he was always rational and calm in his actions.

He had superb self-control. When it came to emotions or feelings, he remained rational about it. He never once did anything on impulse when it came to love or anything else.

This also had to do with his family background and the environment he grew up in.

His circumstances forced him to be calm and collected. It forced him to be matured and reserved. If he acted on impulse, he would be at the losing end.

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