Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1906 5

Chapter 1906 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Twelve

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At the thought of this, Su Yues heart ached for Su Yan. She unconsciously gripped his arm tightly.

She pouted and carried on, "Brother, I really hope that you can get me a sister-in-law soon. I want a little niece or nephew too. And you need someone to take care of you."

"You dont have to worry about all these." A smile danced across Su Yans face as he pinched Su Yues cheeks.

Affectionately and tenderly.

He was eager to end this topic, and Su Yue wasnt dumb. So she decided to stop and straightened her back. She sighed heavily to herself. "Alright, I shall stop nagging. I get worried the minute I start."

She continued to cling onto his arm intimately.

Su Yan grinned and chuckled. "Im such an outstanding man. I wont be a bachelor forever."

"Tch." Su Yue rolled her eyes at him. "So narcissistic. You must have learned it from Third Brother."

Su Yan chortled as he casually shrugged his shoulders.

As though he didnt deny it.

Su Yue took a sip of the tea. It had cooled down for a bit, and the temperature was just right.

She gulped the tea in seconds, as though she was really thirsty. Su Yan watched her and asked, "Where did you go?"

Su Yue finished her tea and answered Su Yan. "I went to visit Jiao Chens mother. Then without realizing it, I came over here."

"Oh." Su Yuan nodded. "Did you bring Xiaojiao along?"

He glanced at Xiaojiao who was still munching on an apple. She swung her legs back and forth, looking contented and blissful.

He just had a natural instinct to protect the innocent and pure girl from any harm.

Su Yue didnt have a good childhood, so Su Yan really wished for Xiaojiao to get the best of everything. He wanted her to be surrounded by happiness, warmth, and love every day.

Just when he made up his mind to take care of his sister, Jiao Chen appeared. The man who sacrificed his life to save Su Yue.

He thought that Jiao Chen was the savior that the heavens had sent to Su Yue to compensate her for her miserable childhood.

He thought that Jiao Chen would be Su Yues husband and home in this lifetime.

He never imagined that the best and kindest man wouldnt be able to stay with his sister.

Jiao Chen would occasionally pop up in his mind and dreams even until now.

So, Xiaojiao should never forget him.

He hoped that Ming Ansheng would be as good as Jiao Chen, along with his love for Su Yue.

This was what he, as Su Yues brother, hoped for. A very selfish thought and wish.

"Yeah." Su Yue steeled herself as she spoke. "But we didnt go in. We stood outside as I was afraid that if she were to see me, I would remind her of Jiao Chen. I dont want her to feel sad."

Su Yan managed a weak smile and interjected, "How is Xiaojiao doing in school?"

Su Yue nodded. "She has Yanyan and the rest to take care of her. They play together well."

"Thats good." Su Yan looked at his sister. "Bring Xiaojiao along for the upcoming conference."

Su Yue beamed. "Sure, Ill bring Ming Ansheng along."

"Does he need you to?" Su Yan raised his eyebrows, looking doubtful. "Isnt it the other way?"

Su Yue pouted. "From Flourish & Prospers perspective, Im considered the host alright!"

In the midst of their conversation, Su Yans office door flew open. Su Yue spun her head in surprise. Who would be so rude to enter without knocking?

She assumed it would be her third brother. But it was a slender and pretty woman.

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