Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1907 1

Chapter 1907 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Thirteen

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Su Yue stared at the woman who sauntered in. Wasnt she the celebrity Ai Ruili?

Why was she back again?

No why was she looking for her brother? The most pressing question was, why didnt she knock? This woman was way too rude.

Su Yue watched and scrutinized the way Ai Ruili entered, and she felt a twinge of annoyance. She couldnt exactly describe how she felt, but in a nutshell, she didnt like her.

Ai Ruili held a light green Hermes handbag in her hand while she held her sunglasses in the other. Her high heels thudded against the floor and it amplified her impending presence.

Her eyes wandered around Su Yans office. Her pretty face registered shock when she caught a glimpse of Xiaojiao. Then she studied Xiaojiao from head to toe with a trace of confusion in her eyes.

Xiaojiao, who was engrossed with her cartoons, didnt notice her at all. Her eyes were glued to the screen, and she didnt even blink.

Ai Ruili watched Xiaojiao for some time before she averted her gaze. Su Yan called her, "Miss Ai."

He stood up to welcome her.

Su Yue rose as well, but she still clung onto him tightly.

Ai Ruili heard Su Yans voice and she smiled. But when she saw Su Yue, the smile on her face froze.

"President Su," she greeted Su Yan. Her eyes roved over Su Yue, as though she was investigating her.

A plethora of emotions in her eyes could be seen.

Su Yue quietly observed Ai Ruilis expressions and how she scrutinized her. He deliberately gripped Su Yues arm with more force and put her head on his shoulders.

Her brother was a man of outstanding qualities. Even a famous celebrity like Ai Ruili wouldnt be able to resist his charms. This woman obviously had fallen for him.

But she couldnt explain why, but she felt a surge of explicable hostility and dislike for her.

Perhaps she felt that her brother was a composed and easy-going guy. Celebrities wouldnt be a good match for him. Especially this woman, who looked so domineering and possessive.

That was her own opinions and she couldnt speak for anyone else, including her brother.

"President Su, who is she?"

Su Yue was still mulling over quietly in her head when Ai Ruili popped the question. She pointed at Su Yue.

Su Yan introduced her and said, "She is my sister, Su Yue."

A simple explanation literally lit up Ai Ruilis face. It was as though spring dawned and she was revived from the dreary ashes.

Her expression was too obvious. And Su Yue smirked at how lousy her acting was. So much for being an award-winning actress.

But this also meant that her brother was a charming and outstanding man. Even a beautiful and famous actress fell for him.

Su Yues heart swelled with pride as Ai Ruili sauntered over. "Hello."

Ai Ruili extended her hand to Su Yue for a handshake.

In the past, Su Yue wouldnt even look at the person she disliked, regardless of the persons identity. However, after all these years, she understood the ways of the world and how to get along with others.

She shook Ai Ruilis hand and smiled. "Hi, Miss Ai."

She retracted her hand naturally.

Ai Ruili felt nothing and retracted her hand too. "I realized that I left my scarf with you," said Ai Ruili as she glanced at Su Yan.

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