Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1908

Chapter 1908 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Fourteen

She scanned the surroundings before her gaze landed at the corner of the couch. Her seductive-looking almond-shaped eyes sparkled and she pointed in the direction. "Its there. I am really careless and I keep leaving my stuff everywhere."

She smiled to herself and strode over to retrieve her scarf.

The whole scarf was covered with flowery patterns, and the design was sophisticated and modern.

It was from an international brand designed by a famous designer.

Su Yues eyes trailed to the scarf, and she stood deep in thought.

She came to discuss work with her brother, and yet she left her scarf. Her assistant didnt accompany her either. Did she really misplace her scarf accidentally? Perhaps it was her scheme to get close to her brother.

Su Yue, why are you so narrow-minded? You must have read too many novels.

She vanquished those possibilities and pursed her lips quietly. She stared at Ai Ruili, looking pensive and doubtful.

She wanted her brother to get married quickly, but she felt so wary of this woman trying to get near her brother.

She continued to hug Su Yans arm and deliberately tightened her grip. It was as if she was trying to declare to Ai Ruili that Su Yan was hers. Or perhaps, signaling to Ai Ruili that she didnt like her.

Ai Ruili got the scarf and walked back to the Su siblings.

Su Yan glanced at her and politely said, "You could have called. I can send someone down to pass it to you."

Ai Ruili casually replied, "Anyway, I have nothing on later, so I came up."

She was so popular and she won awards, so Su Yue reckoned she must have her charms. And she realized that when Ai Ruili smiled, her dimples were really attractive.

Especially her features, which were almost flawless. She looked refreshing and unique as compared to those actresses who had surgeries to fix their appearances.

Su Yue sized up Ai Ruili once again without her realizing it. Ai Ruili suddenly turned to her with a bright smile.

She turned to Su Yan and blurted, "President Su, your sister is very pretty."

Before he could respond, she added, "She looks like you."

Su Yan managed a weak smile and remained silent.

Su Yue heard her praise and mentally dissed her. Tch. She should have praised her brother directly for being good-looking. Why did she have to use her?

Su Yue repeatedly sneered with disdain in her heart. She knew the latter was very popular and attractive, and she was stylish too, but she just couldnt like her.

Instinctively, she just didnt like her and she couldnt explain why.

Ai Ruili seemed as though she had no intention of leaving as she kept striking up a conversation with Su Yan.

She began to talk about trivial and random stuff, and eventually, Su Yue got bored. She relinquished her grip on Su Yan and went to Xiaojiao.

Knock, knock, knock.

Suddenly, someone knocked and the person entered.

"Su Yan, your third brother and I are leaving." Wen Xuxu rushed in as she spoke.

She was rather startled to see Ai Ruili, and she clammed up.

"Third sister-in-law." Su Yue saw Wen Xuxu and walked towards her instead.

"Youre here." Xuxu forced a smile at Su Yue.

Su Yan realized something was amiss and he asked, "What happened? Did anything happen?"

He asked as he walked towards Xuxu.

Xuxu peered down and somberly replied, "Ah Hengs grandfather passed away in the hospital. Your third brother and I are rushing there right now."




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