Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1909 1

Chapter 1909 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Fifteen

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Jiang Zhuoheng and Xuxu were really close friends. Besides, Jiang Zhuohengs grandfather and his entire family were really nice to her. Although Grandfather Jiang had lived to a ripe old age, she still felt shocked and sad about his sudden passing.

Su Yans face registered shock. "Hurry along then."

"Okay." Xuxu nodded and turned around to Su Yue. "Im going."

She scurried back to the door when Xiaojiao called out. "Aunt!"

Xuxu paused and turned around. "Xiaojiao, I have something to attend to. I cant play with you right now, be good."

"Okay!" Xiaojiao nodded vigorously as she waved at Xuxu. "Bye bye, Aunt."


Xuxu scurried off and Su Yan stared at the door, looking absorbed.

"Brother, Brother Ah Hengs grandfather is Xin Yantings grandfather as well, right?"


"Oh, arent you going over?"

"Dont be a busybody."

"Tch. Youre so mean."

"President Su, I shall take my leave."

"Miss Ai, take care." Su Yan bowed slightly at Ai Ruili and turned to the door. "Mixiao."

Su Yue asked, "Who is Mixiao?"

The office door swung open and a petite girl entered. She looked professional, wearing a white shirt paired with black pants.

She wore a pair of black spectacles and she should be around her age. Or perhaps she could be younger than her.

She looked like an ordinary girl.

Su Yue sized up the girl quietly as the latter adjusted her spectacles. She glanced at Su Yan. "President Su."

Su Yan instructed her, "Send Miss Ai."

"Sure." Mixiao nodded and she glanced at Ai Ruili.

She seemed nervous and jittery, or perhaps she was new to this job.

"Miss Ai, this way, please." Mixiao bowed politely as she waited for Ai Ruili to walk first. She trailed behind her and closed the door after.

"Brother, who is that?" Su Yue turned to ask Su Yan. "Isnt your secretary supposed to send your guests?"

Usually, that was supposed to be part of a secretarys duties.

"Thats right. She is my secretary," Su Yan replied Su Yue airily as he strode towards Xiaojiao.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets, looking relaxed and nonchalant.

Secretary? Su Yues eyes were huge with shock. "Hey!"

She stared at the towering figure and darted after him the next second.

"Whats the problem?" Su Yan drawled as he glanced at Su Yue lazily.

He was too shrewd and could easily guess why Su Yue was so shocked.

Su Yue nodded like a little chick pecking for grains on the ground. "There is a huge problem."

She pressed on determinedly, "I thought you never hire female secretaries? I remember that you brought your secretary to Country M previously. He was a very good-looking guy."

Su Yan chuckled and quipped, "Dont make such a fuss. I didnt hire females because I didnt find any suitable ones."

He stretched his hand and jabbed Su Yues forehead.

Su Yue yelped in pain as she rubbed her forehead. "So painful! But your current secretary looks so normal."

She grinned cheekily as she said, "Or perhaps you have straightened out your thinking. You finally allow women to get close to you. Now I dont have to worry anymore. I was so concerned that you always choose to get a handsome man to accompany you on your work trips. Then you might accidentally do something wrong on impulse."

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