Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1910 9

Chapter 1910 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixteen

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"What?" A crease appeared between Su Yans eyebrows and his eyes gleamed with malice. He pulled out his hand from his pocket.

Su Yue hurriedly shrunk her neck and shielded her head with her hand. She gave Su Yan a fawning smile. "My mistake, my mistake."

She realized that she had gone overboard with this joke.

Su Yans eyes stared unblinkingly at her, even though she had already pleaded for his forgiveness.

Su Yue pressed on cautiously. "Why? Why are you looking at me in this way?"

Su Yan curled his lips into a devilish smile. "Come to think of it, you seem rather free and bored at home. Come and work for me, then I dont have to hire someone else."

Su Yue couldnt tell if he was joking or being serious.

Regardless of what, Su Yue defied him without hesitation. "No way!"

She pouted and defensively said, "Who says Im bored? My online store is doing well!"

In fact, her business was really good.

She must be mad to abandon her own business where she could call the shots and come to his company to work five days a week.

"Besides, even if I want to work, I should be Ming Anshengs secretary. Why would I come to Flourish & Prosper?"

Su Yan nodded as though he had fully understood her. "A married daughter is like spilled water. But"

He paused dramatically before grinning at her. "Youre still not married."

"Annoying!" Su Yue flushed and prodded his shoulders.

Su Yan chuckled and ceased his jokes. "I have work to do. Go and accompany Xiaojiao."

"Sure." Su Yue nodded. "Ill bring Xiaojiao for a tour and wait for you to end work."


"Its really congested at this time every single day"

It was 6 in the evening and the vehicles were literally crawling on the roads. Su Yue grumbled impatiently to herself.

"Are you hungry?" Su Yan pointed to the cabinet and said, "There are some snacks inside."

Su Yue shook her head. "Im not hungry, but Im restless."

They had to wait for the traffic lights at each junction for a long time. And it didnt help when the rest of the cars were crawling.

Su Yan studied Su Yues expression and he smiled affectionately. "Still a kid."

Su Yues phone rang and she looked at the screen. It was Ming Ansheng.

She answered the call. "Hello."

"Okay, Ill go over."


After chatting with Ming Ansheng, Su Yue hung up. "Brother, I dont think I can make it to dinner with you. Brother Ah Hengs grandfather passed away and Ming Ansheng is there to help. I need to go over."

Although she wasnt close to Jiang Zhuoheng, Ming Ansheng was his close friend, and she was Ming Anshengs wife.

She was staying with him and they even have a daughter. So they should consider her his wife. Hence she felt that she needed to drop by.

Su Yan merely said, "Ill send you."

"Okay." Su Yue nodded and she glanced at Xiaojiao, who was admiring the scenery outside.

She turned to Su Yan and said, "Can you take care of Xiaojiao? If not, help me send her home."

It wasnt such an appropriate event for a child to attend. Besides, it was already nighttime.

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