Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1912 1

Chapter 1912 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Eighteen

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Su Yan couldnt bear to say no to her. "You can only have a small portion."

Xiaojiao happily nodded. "Mm."

She looked absolutely adorable when she grinned.

As Su Yan drove past two traffic lights, he looked out for ice cream shops by the roadside. He seldom went shopping and he didnt like to eat outside food.

He was on a blind search.

Finally, they passed a shopping mall. There was a huge sign that readHagen-Daz. His eyes brightened and he pointed at it. "Are you okay with Hagen-Daz?"

Xiaojiao nodded.

She didnt care about the brand of ice cream as long as she could have some of it.

She had low expectations.

1Su Yan parked by the roadside and carried her into the shop. It was after dinnertime so there were many people walking around the mall.

It wasnt a scorching nor chilly day, so there were many teens in the shop. Most of them were girls and they sat in groups of twos and threes. Almost all the seats were filled.

"Xiaojiao, what flavor do you want?" Su Yan carried her to the counter and let her take a look at the flavors available.

Xiaojiao glanced at it and pointed at a particular flavor without hesitation. "I want vanilla and strawberry."

"Okay." Su Yan pointed at the two flavors that Xiaojiao wanted. He said to the staff, "Ill have two scoops, one vanilla, and the other, strawberry."

The staff smiled and said, "Our branch is having a collaboration with XX Cinema. For every three scoops purchased in a single receipt, well give you two free tickets toThe Little Starfish."

Then she looked at Xiaojiao.The Little Starfishwas a childrens movie.

So, she wanted to gain her interest.

Xiaojiao blinked. "Is it nice?"

"The poster is there. Its about a starfish and its underwater friends," the staff explained as she pointed at the poster.

There were various underwater creatures on it. There was a burst of colors and it looked dreamlike.

It immediately piqued Xiaojiaos interest. She looked at Su Yan and pouted. She sweetly said, "Uncle, I want to watchThe Little Starfish."

Although Su Yan had always pampered her, they havent spent too much time together and the little lass was afraid of acting like a spoiled child in front of him.

Su Yan couldnt bear to say no to her. He tapped her nose and said, "But you can only have a little ice-cream."

Xiaojiao knew that he had agreed, and she nodded. "Mm. Just a little. This little," she said as she gesticulated with her chubby hands.


Seeing that Su Yan had agreed, Xiaojiao hugged his neck and kissed him forcefully on his lips.

Su Yan froze when he felt her soft lips on his. He came to his senses and hugged the little lass tightly. How he wished he could pamper her all day.

He felt satisfied and accomplished at having his childhood dream come true.

When he was of a young age, he saw his sister being sent to the orphanage, crying and shouting. He really wished he could hug her and take her home.

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