Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1913 1

Chapter 1913 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Nineteen

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He bought her three scoops of ice cream in different colors. Su Yan carried her with a hand while he held the cup for her with the other.

Xiaojiao happily ate the ice cream as they walked in the crowd. In no time, she had smeared her mouth with ice cream.

They took the elevator in the shopping mall since the movie theater was at the top level.

The elevator stopped at every level, and the adults were all anxious. Xiaojiao was focused on her ice cream and was completely in her own world.

"Sorry, the movie slot is full. The next show is at 9:40 p.m."

When they reached the ticketing counter, the staff informed them that the next available screening time was nearly two hours away.

Su Yan glanced at his watch and said to Xiaojiao, "If we watch the movie at 9:40 p.m., it would end at 11:30 p.m. Its too late for Xiaojiao."

He pressed his lips as she waited for the lass to respond.

Xiaojiao heard him and the corners of her mouth sunk. "But I want to watch."

She was really excited to watch a movie and now suddenly she couldnt? It felt as though someone had drenched her in cold water.

"But its late. If Xiaojiao doesnt have enough sleep, you cant grow taller." Su Yan gently stroked her hair to coax her.

Xiaojiao understood so she didnt whine or protest. But she bowed her head, looking disappointed and sad. Her expression made Su Yans heart ache.

Su Yan couldnt bear to see her in such a state, so he glanced around. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a long queue across the theater.

Instinctively, he raised his head and saw a banner.National ice skating champion coach

His eyes gleamed as he pointed in the direction ahead. "Xiaojiao, there is an ice skating rink ahead. Ill bring you there to ice skate alright?"

Xiaojiao followed his finger and turned in that direction. There were throngs of people crowded around the rink and it looked exciting.

She blinked and pouted since she still wanted to watch the movie.

But Uncle said that it was too late to watch a movie. She should ice skate instead, she didnt want to go home, anyway.

Xiaojiao deliberated for a while before nodding. "Okay, ice skate."

As if she was forced to.

Su Yan caressed her chubby cheeks and promised, "During the weekend, Ill bring you out to watch the movie."

Xiaojiaos eyes sparkled and she offered her little finger to Su Yan. "Promise!"

Su Yan did the same and promised her with his finger as well.

He was wearing a formal suit, and his height and manners already thrust him in the limelight. And to top it off, his gorgeous looks had caused ladies of all ages to cast him additional glances.

When all the ladies saw how he interacted with Xiaojiao, their eyes overflowed with envy.

How they wished that they were the little girl in his arms.

Su Yan had decided to ice skate on an impulse, so naturally, they didnt bring any equipment along. But that wasnt a problem for the rich, so he purchased the full set without hesitation.

The storekeeper passed him two complete sets of equipment after he paid.

"Mister, our coaches here are all from the national teams. And we even have a champion coach who specializes in teaching children." The storekeeper promoted the lessons that they provided to Su Yan.

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