Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1914

Chapter 1914 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Twenty

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Su Yan patiently listened to him and then politely rejected his offer. "Its fine, thank you."

He picked up the equipment and held Xiaojiaos hand. He went to the changing area and began to change their shoes.

"Were ready. Are you afraid?"

Su Yan stood up after he was ready. Then he slowly held Xiaojiaos hand and got up.

They walked carefully together towards the skating rink.

There was a thin layer of ice in the rink and the air was chilly with gusts of wind from the sides. Xiaojiao sneezed, and she raised her head apprehensively. "Im not afraid," replied Xiaojiao softly.

She had forgotten all about the movie when she saw other children squealing and laughing happily.

A bright smile framed her chubby face and she looked delighted.

"Xiaojiao is so brave. Dont be afraid. I wont let go of your hands later." Su Yan slowly led her to the entrance of the rink.

He gripped her hands tightly and turned her body to face him.

Su Yan skated backward with agile movements and it surprised Xiaojiao. "Uncle, you know how to ice skate?"

Su Yan blinked and smiled. "Youll know later."

He carefully let go of Xiaojiaos hands and slowly moved away from her.

Suddenly, he made a rapid turn in the blink of an eye. Xiaojiao widened her eyes in disbelief and adoration. "Uncle, youre awesome! That was wonderful!"

"Do you believe that I wont let you fall?" Su Yan skated effortlessly back to Xiaojiao and stopped right in front of her. He held her hand and guided her slowly towards the middle of the rink.

He spoke to her in a soft and patient voice.

He didnt change his clothes, neither did he put on any protective equipment. All he changed was his shoes.

But he had bought all the necessary protective equipment, such as a helmet, knee and elbow guard for Xiaojiao.

"Yeah." Xiaojiao trusted and idolized him completely after he made that turn earlier on.

Even if her uncle wanted to sell her away right now, she would be willing to count the money with him.

1"Teacher, youre fantastic!"

The pair of uncle and niece were enjoying themselves when the crowd erupted with cheers a short distance away.

Xiaojiao glanced at them and she grabbed Su Yans hand tightly. She pointed in the direction of the commotion and remarked, "Uncle, that sister is so awesome."

Su Yan heard her and turned in the direction too. He looked rather impassive as though he wasnt interested at all.

The children were standing diagonally opposite, and they were still clapping loudly.

A girl who looked as though she was in her early twenties was dressed in all white. A knot of children surrounded her.

Su Yan directed his attention to her. She was making several non-stop turns, just like the one Su Yan had shown earlier on.

The girl was spinning swiftly and he couldnt see her face.

She was probably the coach, and it was normal for her to know these techniques. Su Yan was about to avert his gaze.

Suddenly, the girls ponytail came loose and her hair cascaded down. Accompanied by her elegant turns, her hair seemed to dance as well.

It was as though she had planned this, but it happened so abruptly and naturally.

This accident took the breaths of the spectators.

However, the girl didnt expect that her ponytail would come loose. She immediately stopped spinning, but she lost her footing.



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