Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1916

Chapter 1916 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Twenty Two

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Su Yan directed his gaze at her but he could only glimpse a slender and petite figure. Her long hair was like black silk, and it seemed to hide her entire body.

This feeling was like dj vu. Just like years ago in Country Y, on an old street in N City

Unbelievably, this girl had given him the same feeling as before.

The girl took the escalators and soon vanished from Su Yans sight. It was as though he had been transported to the mountainsstanding there and admiring a river as the water calmly flowed by. That tranquil and peaceful feeling seemed to travel to his heart.

"Uncle, what are you looking at?" Xiaojiao stared at Su Yan, and she puzzled.

Su Yan snapped back to reality and he peered at Xiaojiao with a smile. "Nothing. Lets go home."

He held her hand and walked to the elevator.

Although death was inevitable, Jiang Zhuohengs grandfathers passing still affected Jiang Zhuoheng tremendously. Not just him, but the entire family was grieving.

Even though one had expected something to happen, it would still take the heart some time to recover.

Jiang Zhuoheng grew up together with Yan Rusheng, Ming Ansheng, and the rest. So they stayed with him until past midnight.

Most of the visitors had left or gone to take a rest. Only a handful of the Jiang family members and Xin Yanting stayed behind, other than Yan Rusheng and the rest.

Xin Yanting and Jiang Zhuoheng knelt down in the funeral hall. She had been sobbing the whole day.

She had stayed with the Jiang family when she was still a baby, and her grandfather doted on her immensely.

When she went abroad for four years, she always called her grandfather at least once a day. The longest period she had gone without speaking to him was two days.

Sometimes, she called to just greet him.

Yesterday, she had rushed back immediately when she received the news of her grandfathers passing. However, she was still too late.

And this was the reason she insisted on kneeling the whole day. It was because of guilt and remorse.

Jiang Zhuoheng and a few of his family members were assigned to keep watch overnight. Yan Rusheng saw that most of them had left, and he was about to take his leave too.

Xuxu went to Jiang Zhuoheng whispered, "Ah Heng, were leaving."

She squatted next to Jiang Zhuoheng.

Jiang Zhuoheng stood up and replied, "Okay, be careful on your way back."

He glanced at Yan Rusheng, Ming Ansheng, and the rest, and he nodded curtly.

Xuxu gazed at Jiang Zhuohengs face and she pressed her lips. After some time, she mumbled, "You have to take care. My condolences once more."

"Okay." Jiang Zhuoheng nodded gently and said, "Hurry and go. Its late."

Xuxu nodded. "We will come back tomorrow."

She glanced at Xin Yanting who was subdued and quiet.

The girl who used to be so loud and arrogant had transformed into this other person. She couldnt help but feel sorry for her.


Love could change a person, but it could also destroy a person. She hadnt seen Xin Yanting in the past four years. She had attempted to ask Jiang Zhuoheng about her, but she didnt manage to.

Guilt lingered in her heart. Although Su Yan had merely given them a taste of their own medicine and only took back the shares that belonged to Flourish & Prosper.

But from a womans perspective and logic, Xin Yanting was innocent.

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