Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1917

Chapter 1917 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Twenty Three

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Xuxu just wanted to stand from a womans perspective, and empathized with her, setting grudges aside.

In the business world, where everyone tries to outwit the other it was inevitable to resort to despicable methods.

Xuxu threw a long glance at Xin Yanting as she stood rooted to the ground. She tried to convey her condolences to Xin Yanting, but the words were stuck in her throat.

She sighed to herself before turning around. She spoke to Yan Rusheng and Su Yue. "Lets go."

"Okay," muttered Su Yue softly as she followed closely behind Ming Ansheng. She stole a furtive glance at Xin Yanting before departing.

Just like Xuxu, she empathized with Xin Yanting from a womans perspective.

And similarly, the words seemed choked in her throat as she clammed up. She quietly left with Ming Ansheng.

"I feel that Xin Yanting is quite pitiful."

Su Yue suddenly remarked as she sat in the front passenger seat.

She settled herself against the seat, feeling drained.

Ming Ansheng turned to her with his eyebrows raised. "Didnt you used to dislike her?"

He gazed at her tenderly and he felt consoled. He knew how kind she was, and thats why she felt terrible.

Earlier on, she kept glancing at Xin Yanting and the expression in her eyes was filled with guilt.

But to them, Su Yan and Xin Yanting werent even considered anything serious.

Gaining the other partys trust was one strategy and tactic.

Su Yue sighed heavily to herself. "I dont like her. But that doesnt mean that I dont empathize with her as we are both women."

Ming Ansheng smirked playfully as he quipped, "Woman? Are you sure?"

He glanced at her face, which was crumpled with worries. He wondered how best to embark on what to say and decided to tease her.

"Tch." Su Yue glared at Ming Ansheng before grinning.

Ming Ansheng felt relieved when she grinned. "Isnt this all your brothers fault?" said Ming Ansheng in a casual tone.

Su Yue snapped instantly. "But my brother isnt wrong either. He just wanted to get back the shares that originally belonged to Flourish & Prosper. Xin Yanting likes him, but he didnt promise her anything. She assumed that my brother was in love with her too."

That was the truth, but why did she feel so sorrowful when she met Xin Yanting? Why did she feel guilty?

Su Yue questioned herself, while Ming Ansheng asked her aloud. "Then why do you feel so bad for her?"

"I dont know why." Su Yue yanked at her hair in frustration. "I heard that Xin Yanting went to get a tattoo for my brothers sake. How much did she love him to get a tattoo?"

She heard it from Third sister-in-law that Xin Yanting got a tattoo, and it was a rose with her brothers name on it.

She felt terrible when she heard it. When a woman falls in love with a man, she would be exceedingly silly and nave. How she would wish she could proclaim to the world and to give everything to the man that she loves. And there would be no turning back.

She could only imagine how much she must have loved her brother to get a tattoo with his name.

It must have never crossed her mind that to her brother she was just a pawn.

Perhaps she had a similar traumatic experience before. When Tang Feiling burned her tattoo, she felt as though her heart was being dug out.

If that tattoo had nothing to do with Ming Ansheng, she would only suffer physical pain.

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