Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1918

Chapter 1918 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Twenty Four

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She wondered if Xin Yantings tattoo was still on her body. If it was, would she feel pained every time she saw it? If it wasnt, then how did she feel when she removed it?

Su Yues eyebrows knitted closely as she stared out of the window.

Ming Ansheng smiled gently and said, "Actually, a tattoo is considered art. There are people who tattooed themselves because its art."

Su Yue knew that Ming Ansheng was teasing her and she smiled. The next moment, she threw him a long and menacing look. She breathed, "Then did you get your tattoo because of art or the tattoo was to mourn over your forbidden love with Sister Meiduo?"

Ming Ansheng pressed his lips. "Lets continue to talk about your brother and Xin Yanting."

He had no idea that the gun would point to himself so abruptly. He didnt want to die, so he should wallow in this misery with her.

Meiduo was no longer around, so Su Yue had no intention of using her to lecture Ming Ansheng. She had just casually mentioned her name. Besides, she didnt care about their past any more.

She peered at the buildings and trees in silence. The roads were peaceful and all the shops had closed for the day.

Her heart felt as though it had sunk to the bottom of the sea, and she reckoned it was also probably because of the funeral earlier on.

The silence stretched between them since both of them had clammed up.

The car traveled smoothly on and Su Yue began to feel sleepy. They went past a housing district and it became distinctly brighter.

Su Yue widened her eyes and caught a fleeting glimpse of a hospital. It should be a private hospital. There was a huge screen on the building and it played an advertisement.

She sighed to herself. "I even heard that Xin Yanting tried to kill herself by taking pills after she found out the truth. She used to despise Tang Feiling who used to pester you. By the looks of it, she should be someone who could put things behind her easily. But she had tried to commit suicide because of a man."

She had heard it from Mu Li during a casual conversation some time back. Mu Li had, in turn, heard the rumors from another acquaintance.

"So youre implying that your brother is just another man." Ming Ansheng nodded wisely, deliberately twisting her words.

Su Yue knew that he had done it deliberately and she frowned at him. "Stop misinterpreting my words. Im talking about this matter. Cast those qualities, strengths, and abilities aside. My brother is just an ordinary man after all"

Cast those qualities, strengths, and abilities aside. My brother is just an ordinary man after all

What logic was that?Ming Ansheng grinned at Su Yue and shook his head, unable to fathom her thoughts.

He raised his eyebrows after some time. "So did you come to a conclusion?"

"I havent." Su Yue shook her head vigorously in despair. "Forget it. This is getting nowhere. I cant possibly get my brother to like her. How can I force him to like her?"

Ming Ansheng steered the topic. "Hungry?"

Su Yue replied, "Nope, lets go fetch Xiaojiao."


They reached Su Yans apartment and knocked on his door. Su Yan stood there in a dark gray pajamas as he rubbed his eyes sleepily.

He knew that the couple was here to fetch Xiaojiao. "She is asleep, just let her sleep here tonight."

Su Yue replied, "But she has to go to school tomorrow."

She had just started school, and she had already missed one day. During this transition period, she shouldnt miss school that frequently.

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