Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1920

Chapter 1920 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Twenty Six

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Su Yan feigned ignorance. "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean." Su Yue frowned and pouted. "I hope that you are not a horrible jerk."

Su Yan chortled and jabbed Su Yues head. "Stop letting your thoughts run wild. Go shower and sleep."

He rose and strolled back to his room.

Su Yue grinned as she watched him. "So you didnt?"

"Im a Virgo," Su Yan replied in a lazy drawl.

The next moment, he had disappeared into his room.

Im a Virgo

The corners of Su Yues mouth twitched. Other than being a little obsessed with perfection when pursuing relationships and his career, he didnt seem to exhibit the traits of a Virgo at all.

He had no expectations of the people around him and he was reticent and mysterious. He was always so laid-back and appeared as though nothing could provoke him.

But at least it meant that he didnt sleep with Xin Yanting. At least she felt better.

Su Yue exhaled deeply, put the cushion aside, and stood up.

Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu didnt spend much time at work these few days. They left most of their workload to Su Yan.

Su Yan reached the office early in the morning. He began working the moment he stepped into his office. After some time, the employees began to stream in.

After settling some urgent matters, he glanced at his watch. It was merely 9 a.m. He looked out of the frosted glass door and saw people moving around.

Every morning, all the staff seemed absorbed with work.

He picked up his porcelain cup and realized that there was water left from yesterday.

He rose and strode to the water dispenser.


Su Yan was taken aback when the office door burst open. His new secretaryMixiaorushed in.

Mixiao was dumbfounded to see Su Yan. She seemed flustered and terrified too.

She froze for a moment or so, before apologizing profusely. "Sorry President Su! I didnt know you would be here so early. Sorry!"

She was about to take a step forward.

Su Yan shook his head nonchalantly. "Its fine."

He continued to walk towards the water dispenser.

He always arrived early and it wasnt a big deal. His secretary was new, so she didnt realize it yet.

Mixiao eyed Su Yan to verify that he wasnt angry. She adjusted her spectacles and stepped into the office.

She had two green folders in her arms. She walked gingerly towards Su Yan and glanced at him cautiously.

Su Yan drank from his cup as he walked back to his desk.

If there wasnt any board or management meetings, he would prefer not to wear ties or blazers. The top two buttons on his white shirt were left unbuttoned with his sleeves casually rolled up. Coupled with his trademark stoic expression, he presented a delightful and pleasing view for the eyes.

He walked to Mixiao and bent his head to peer at her. "Anything to update?"

She had just started work two weeks ago, and this was the first time they stood in such close proximity. Only then did he realize how short and petite she was.

He needed to bend his head further to have a good look at her face.

Her spectacles were black and huge, and it framed more than half her face. She had neat and tidy bangs that covered her eyebrows. She looked like an average-looking girl at a glimpse.

Su Yan unconsciously scrutinized Mixiao from head to toe.

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