Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1921

Chapter 1921 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Twenty Seven

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He mocked himself inwardly about how he had seemed to have passed the prime age to get married. His family kept nagging at him to get to know more ladies, and they seemed more anxious than him.

Actually, he was merely 28 this year. But Xuxu and Yueyue were apparently getting worried.

So he decided to simply hire a female secretary this time round. But who was he kidding?

Mixiao didnt realize that Su Yan was sizing her up, as he was really smooth and discreet. She handed him the two documents in her hands. "President Su, these documents need your approval and signature."

Su Yan grunted in response and received them. He placed the documents on his desk and perused them swiftly before signing.

Mixiao continued to speak as he signed. "This afternoon, you have a lunch appointment with Director Wang."

"Okay, got it. Any other appointments?" Su Yan nodded as he passed those documents back to Mixiao.

She received it and shook her head. "Thats all."

Something struck her and she pressed on. "Earlier on, Miss Ai Ruili called and asked if you are free tonight."

Su Yan froze for a moment when he heard Ai Ruilis name. He sat deep in thought for a few seconds before nodding at Mixiao. "I got it."

He didnt answer Mixiaos question about his schedule for the evening.

"Ill take my leave." Mixiao hugged the documents against her chest before she offered a polite bow towards Su Yan. She turned around and strode across the room.

The pair of black pumps on her feet, which was about two inches tall, elongated her legs and made them look longer and slender.

As she walked, her pumps thudded softly against the floor. Just like how careful and quiet she was. Her style and disposition had a glaring contrast from Ai Ruili.

Su Yan couldnt help but turn his head and watch her. He gazed at the petite figure as her ponytail danced lightly.

He felt a sense of quiet contentment as he watched Mixiao. She opened the door and Su Yan suddenly called her. "Mixiao, brew a cup of red tea for me."

"Sure." Mixiao halted and turned around to acknowledge his instructions.

Su Yan settled himself back on his swivel chair. Minutes later, someone knocked on his door. Then Mixiao pushed the door when he allowed her to enter.

She used her knuckles to push her spectacles as she walked.

This should be her habit, but to Su Yan, she didnt seem natural at all. It was as though she wasnt used to wearing spectacles.

But there was nothing strange about this. Perhaps she had just gotten a new pair of spectacles, or his hunch was simply wrong.

Su Yan didnt read too much into it and threw a swift glance at Mixiao. Then he bowed his head once more.

"President Su, the red tea is ready."

Mixiao stood before Su Yan,

"Put it down." Su Yan nodded without looking at her.

"Okay." Mixiao placed the cup down. When she was about to withdraw her hands, Su Yan raised his head and caught a glimpse of her hands.

Her hands were tiny and fair. But her joints seemed to protrude a little, as though they had been through hardship.

He wasnt around to oversee the hiring process. He left it entirely to the Human Resource department. So he only knew her name and the university she went to. He knew that she was about to graduate and she applied for this job as an intern.

He didnt inquire about the rest of her background, including the city she came from or her prior experiences.

He knew nothing about her.

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