Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1922

Chapter 1922 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Twenty Eight

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Su Yan pondered quietly as he studied Mixiao. He merely had to raise his head a little as Mixiao wasnt much taller, despite him being seated.

But from this angle, it was a refreshing view.

This girl had an oval-shaped face and she looked demure and bashful. Her skin was really fair and tender. Her bangs and spectacles made her look rather tacky. But to Su Yan, she exuded serenity and warmth, just like a spring breeze.

It seemed like there was a need to look at women from various angles. No wonder women usually liked to take photos from a certain angle. That must be their best angle, Su Yan thought all of this to himself.

On Weibo and Facebook, those photos seemed identical with similar poses.

Su Yan chuckled to himself, lost in his own thoughts. He had forgotten that his secretary was still around.

Mixiao looked bewildered as she stared at Su Yan. She couldnt understand why Su Yan was grinning to himself.

Su Yan sensed Mixiaos gaze and he met her puzzled-looking eyes. The grin on his face faded away and he resumed his nonchalance.

He was amazed that he had pondered about women when he stared at his ordinary-looking secretary. This was weird.

Mixiao got anxious when his smile vanished. "President Su, is there anything else?"

Su Yan shook his head. "Thats all, you may leave now."


Mixiao nodded and she turned around. Su Yan had a sudden whim and he cut across. "Reply Ai Ruili and say that Im free tonight."

"Noted." Mixiao gave him a curt nod, sounding rather sullen.

Anyone else would be sullen too. Ai Ruili and her boss obviously seemed really close. She could enter his office freely, and everyone in the office knew that they werent just friends. Why didnt she contact him privately, and instead, she had to call the office?

In the afternoon, Su Yan received a call from Mixiao. Ai Ruili had called to confirm their dinner date tonight.

"President Su. If there is nothing else, may I leave first?"

It was ten minutes past five. Mixiao carefully knocked on Su Yans door and stood there.

Although she seemed rather soft and delicate, she was a capable and efficient person.

Su Yan assumed that she would make blunders at work. To his surprise, she had made no mistakes yet. It was just like how an adult would expect a child to fall when he just started to walk. But she didnt seem to falter at all.

Su Yan mulled over it and grinned to himself. This feeling was strangely familiar, but he couldnt make sense of it.

Mixiao waited quietly for his response. He said, "Help me brew coffee."

He still had work to finish, and he needed to stay awake.

"Oh" Mixiao strode quickly to his desk, looking as though she was in a rush. She picked up his cup and asked uncertainly, "President Su, you want brewed coffee?"

Her expression seemed to imply that,Its so late, why do you still want to drink brewed coffee?

Su Yan bit back a laugh and he said, "If youre in a rush, then make instant one for me."

He guessed that Mixiao seemed to rush for time. It was after all past the time she was supposed to get off work. He didnt have urgent matters for her, so there wasnt a need to stop her from leaving.

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