Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1923

Chapter 1923 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Twenty Nine

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"I have nothing after work." Mixiao shook her head and her bangs shook along as well. Under the light, her hair seemed extra sleek and soft.

But her clear-looking eyes had revealed her true emotions. And Su Yan knew that she wasnt telling the truth.

She was obviously in a rush.

He pretended not to have noticed, and he waved his hand. "Then brew me some coffee without sugar."

"Sure." Mixiao nodded as she clenched the cup.

When she turned around, Su Yan saw that she was frowning.

Su Yan grinned to himself. He must have been tired after a long day to find joy in teasing a little girl.

The coffee machine was inside his office. Mixiao fiddled with the machine with her back against Su Yan. While waiting, he browsed through his phone. Soon, the aroma of the coffee permeated the air.

He put his phone down and glanced in the direction.

The girl stood before the coffee machine without moving at all. She seemed to be in a daze as she waited for the coffee.

Su Yan gazed quietly at her. He really enjoyed and yearned for a quiet presence like her at work. She would be around him, but at the same time, she wouldnt affect him at all.

Unlike Xin Yanting. She would always make her presence known.

"Su Yan, I bought a new bag today. Its the latest bag from Burberry. Dont you think it matches my white skirt?"

"Su Yan. Look at the color of the lipstick that Im wearing today. Is this nicer, or the one I wore yesterday?"

"Su Yan, do you want to drink bubble tea?"

"Su Yan, can you bring me along on your trip?"

"Su Yan, you"

At the thought of Xin Yanting and how she always chattered to him endlessly, he sneered quietly at himself.

He had no idea how he tolerated her for so long.

In hindsight, he was indeed not much different from other men. He wasnt that noble nor unique after all.

"President Su, the coffee is ready."

As Su Yan reminisced about the past, Mixiao came tottering with the cup of coffee in her hands.

The freshly brewed coffee was steaming hot, and the aroma assailed his nostrils. Su Yan bent and stole a glance at her hands, which were slightly rough.

Casually, he offered, "You can have some too."

His offer startled Mixiao. After a few seconds, she said, "Its okay."

She shook her head gently and didnt look too overwhelmed with joy that her boss had invited her to join him for coffee.

She remained composed.

Su Yan raised his eyebrows. "Are you in a rush?"

Mixiao denied. "Nope."

He obviously could tell. Why was he still asking? Tsk.

She was getting impatient, but she didnt seem to realize. Su Yan smiled and decided to stop his teasing. "If there is nothing else, you may leave first."

He raised the cup and took a sip. He turned his attention back to the pile of documents.

He had quite a bit of work to finish.

Mixiao looked as though she had been relieved of her burden. The impatience and annoyance on her face vanished.

"I shall leave first." She bowed at Su Yan and reminded Su Yan, "President Su, dont forget that you have a dinner appointment with Miss Ai Ruili at 7 p.m."

Su Yue nodded. "Mm."

After Mixiao left his office, Su Yan glanced at his watch. It was already 6 p.m.

He picked up his phone and gazed at it. Suddenly, someone knocked on his door. He could glimpse a slender and tall silhouette through the frosted door.

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