Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1924 1

Chapter 1924 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Thirty

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"Come in."

He abandoned all his musings and answered. Then he tidied the pile of documents on his desk.

The door swung open, and a stylish and beautiful woman entered. He wasnt in the least surprised to see his guest. He addressed her politely as Miss Ai with a faint smile.

Ai Ruili wore a pastel green floral shirt paired with a pair of skin-tight pants. Her outfit complemented her curves and elongated her legs.

She put on light makeup after work, showing her flawless skin.

Ai Ruili wore a pair of beige stilettos and her whole appearance was refreshing and vibrant.

She strode elegantly towards Su Yan and smiled brightly. "President Su, I was afraid that you might be busy. So I came up to wait for you."

Su Yan shook his head. "Im just finishing up. We can leave at any time."

He switched off his laptop and rose. He retrieved his coat from the clothes rack and slung it on his arm.

Ai Ruili glanced at the huge pile of documents on his desk and earnestly said, "President Su. I have nothing on tonight and Im not hungry. You dont have to rush."

She had finally snagged this rare opportunity to be alone with him. This was better than having a date at a restaurant.

Even if she were to stay here the entire night, just to watch him quietly, she would be contented.

Ai Ruili stared at Su Yans gorgeous face and fell into a deep reverie.

"Lets head there early. Our reservation is at 7 p.m," Su Yan replied softly as he marched towards the office door.

Ai Ruili had no reason to insist, as he had already walked off. She scurried after him.

On their way there, she kept trying to keep the conversation going with Su Yan. But she was very natural and subtle in her attempts.

Unlike some others who kept rattling on without stopping.

Su Yan clenched the steering wheel as he looked ahead. The sun was setting, and the roadside stalls were coming alive.

The colorful lights flickered and it suddenly distracted him for no reason.

"President Su, red light!"

Ai Ruili shrieked loudly to warn him. It jolted Su Yan awake, and the car had already shot past the traffic junction.

Pedestrians were starting to cross the road, and he couldnt continue driving. So he made an abrupt stop.

The car screeched loudly because of friction. But they were alert, so they werent hurt.

After a moment, Ai Ruili turned to glance at Su Yan after regaining her composure. "President Su, are you alright? What was on your mind?"

"I was thinking of work," Su Yan answered lightly before putting on an apologetic smile. "Sorry. I must have given you a terrible shock."

Ai Ruili shook her head. "Im fine."

After the traffic light turned green, he moved off once more.

Su Yan was trying his best to suppress his emotions and to prevent his mind from wandering off.

He had no idea what he was preoccupied with just now. He was clearly listening to Ai Ruili talking about the recent stock market.

Then he got distracted.

In the fine-dining restaurant, all the tables were fully occupied.

They made a reservation earlier on, so they went directly to it.

Their table was at a comfortable corner with pearl curtains acting as a partition. It was relatively quiet.

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