Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1925 1

Chapter 1925 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Thirty One

The food arrived shortly after they ordered. Both of them ordered the signature steaks and the chefs recommended dish.

Ai Ruili ordered a bottle of red wine.

A tall and slim waiter served the food and uncorked the bottle of wine. He was about to pour the wine when Ai Ruili raised her head with a smile. "Thank you. Well do it ourselves later."

The waiter bowed politely and placed the bottle down.

They were left alone, and Su Yan removed his coat. He unclipped his cufflinks and rolled up his sleeves.

He began to cut his steak quietly and elegantly.

"President Su, have some wine." Ai Ruili raised the bottle as she offered to pour it into Su Yans glass.

Su Yan glanced at her and opened his mouth.

Ai Ruili noticed it and she halted her movements and stared at Su Yan.

Su Yan didnt utter a word and continued to cut his steak in silence.

As the saying goes, silence means consent.

Ai Ruili smiled and tipped the bottle. Then she poured some for herself.

She placed the bottle on the table and raised her glass to give Su Yan a toast. "President Su, lets have a toast. To a pleasant working relationship."

Su Yan put his cutlery down and raised his glass. He clinked his glass with her, and said, "To a pleasant working relationship."

Both took a sip of their wine.

Ai Ruili glanced at Su Yan and smiled. "Im surprised."

Su Yan raised his eyebrow and waited for Ai Ruili to continue.

Ai Ruili replied, "I was surprised that you agreed to have dinner with me today. I know that you are a busy man. Every time I meet you, we dont even have time to talk."

Su Yan curled his lips and apologized. "Sorry, I wasnt considerate enough."

Ai Ruili waved her hands to dismiss his apology. "Its fine. All successful businessmen are busy."

She took another sip of the wine.

Her seductive red lips sparkled under the light, and the wine on her lips made her exceedingly attractive. Any man would find it hard to resist her charm.

No one knew if she was deliberate or not, but she didnt use a napkin to dab at her lips. She smiled invitingly at Su Yan.

However, Su Yans attention didnt linger on her at all. After a fleeting glance, he continued to eat his steak.

He had a long day, and he had to discuss work during lunch. He had nothing for teatime, and he was famished by now.

Ai Ruili was a little disheartened when she saw how engrossed Su Yan was in the food. She picked up the napkin to wipe her mouth.

She too picked up her cutlery and began to eat.

She was a famous celebrity and had lots of fans. Even if she was interested in a man, she wouldnt act like a smitten fool.

The silence stretched between them throughout the entire dinner.

After paying the bill, Su Yan and Ai Ruili left the restaurant. As Ai Ruili walked, she put on a pair of sunglasses.

"Be careful!"

They exited through the revolving doors, and a plump woman entered with a little girl.

Ai Ruili recalled something, and she glanced at Su Yan. "President Su, the girl in your office the other day. Is she your niece?"




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