Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1926 1

Chapter 1926 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Thirty Two

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Su Yan nodded. "Mm."

"She is really cute and chubby." Ai Ruili smiled brightly at Su Yan as she complimented Xiaojiao.

She felt like pinching the girls cheek.

She seemed to have finally gotten his attention. Su Yan smiled and agreed readily. "I think so, too."

She was so adorable with her chubby cheeks. All his fatigue and troubles would vanish at the sight of her.

"Its Ai Ruili!"

They walked down the steps and bumped into two young girls. They immediately recognized Ai Ruili the moment they saw her.

They exclaimed in excitement.

"Miss Ai!"

"Oh no, someone recognized me." Ai Ruili darted behind Su Yan.

Su Yan merely stared at the girls, looking as though he had no intention of bringing Ai Ruili away or being her shield.

It was evening, and there were throngs of people entering and exiting the restaurant.

Everyone turned their heads when they heard Ai Ruilis name.

Ai Ruili was like a magnet that could attract everyones attention. Even those who didnt know her began to crowd around her.

Humans were curious by nature, and soon, they were surrounded.

"Miss Ai, I want your signature."

"Sister Ai Ruili, can we take a photo with you?"

Everyone clamored for a photo with Ai Ruili, and she was pushed nearer to Su Yan.

Su Yan remained motionless as he stared at the crowd.

"Miss Ai, is this good-looking guy your boyfriend?"

"He is President Su from Flourish & Prosper! He was on the cover page of a financial magazine last week."

Someone in the crowd recognized Su Yan. Seconds later, they began to whip out their phones.

Su Yan frowned slightly, expressing his impatience. But he still had an unfaltering expression on his face.

"Miss Ai Ruili, are you dating President Su?"

Suddenly, a reporter with a professional camera and microphone squeezed his way to the front.

This was a high-class restaurant, and it was no surprise that the patrons here include celebrities. Hence, there would always be a reporter or two lurking around.

It began to get chaotic, and the entrance of the restaurant was blocked.

Security guards were deployed to disperse the crowd.

But the crowd wasnt that easy to deal with. They continued to push their way forward, nearer to Ai Ruili and Su Yan.

"No. Were just friends. We have a business collaboration," Ai Ruili replied to the reporter in a calm tone of voice.

This was the default reply from the celebrities regardless of who they were with when asked if they were dating or not.

It was also a politically correct answer.

All celebrities had the same boring answers. So the reporters pressed on with determination. "According to reliable sources, youre going to be the ambassador for Flourish & Prospers upcoming product. Is it true?"

This situation was gearing up to evolve into an interview. Ai Ruili had ample experience dealing with reporters, so she politely replied, "I cant reveal details regarding work."

"Miss Ai. Do you know President Su personally before working together?"

"We got to know each other after working together. We are merely ordinary friends."

"Miss Ai, you are single. So is President Su. Both of you make an ideal couple. Have you thought of getting together with President Su?"

"Sorry, I have something on. Can we go now?" Su Yan finally broke his silence and spoke with irritation lacing his voice.

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