Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1927 1

Chapter 1927 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Thirty Three

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He put his arm on Ai Ruilis shoulders and used the other to part the crowd.

Although he wasnt blatantly being protective of Ai Ruili, at least he was shielding her.

The reporters clicked the cameras away, and the crowd snapped away furiously.

With the help of the security guards, Su Yan and Ai Ruili finally reached their car.

And they shook off the reporters and the crowd.

Su Yan peered ahead, looking aloof and impassive under the dim light.

Ai Ruili had a hunch that he was felt irritated and upset. So she cleared her throat and said, "President Su, Im so sorry. I dragged you into this."

Su Yan nodded curtly. "I understand, as youre a celebrity."

His tone had a hint of mockery and Ai Ruilis expression flinched. She clenched her fists and wanted to clear the air. But she didnt dare to.

Finally, she pressed her lips and pointed ahead. "President Su, please stop at the junction ahead. Ill get a taxi."

"Okay." Su Yan nodded, and he really did as she requested.

Ai Ruili got down and Su Yan interjected before she could close the door. "Next week, you need to go to Shanghai for a publicity shoot. Get ready."

Ai Ruilis face registered surprise and she took some time to recover from it. She smiled and replied, "Okay. President Su, travel safe."

Su Yan didnt reply and turned his face away. After Ai Ruili closed the door, he stepped on the accelerator and sped off.

Without a doubt, Su Yan and Ai Ruili hit the headlines the next morning.

Photos of them outside the restaurant circulated like wildfire online, and everyone was speculating about their relationship.

"Brother, are you really dating Ai Ruili?"

Su Yan put down the newspapers, and the door burst open. There were only two people in this world who would dare to barge in without his permission.

He grinned at Su Yue, who charged at him angrily. "You came here just to ask me this?"

Su Yue stood before Su Yan and frowned at his nonchalance and grin. "Is this a trivial matter?"

"Nope." Su Yan shook his head.

"Exactly." Su Yue pursed her lips. "Tell me. Are you dating Ai Ruili?"

Su Yan shook his head promptly. "No."

"Then why did you protect her?" Su Yue glanced at Su Yan, and she looked indignant.

She seemed displeased and annoyed by how he protected Ai Ruili yesterday.

She didnt know why she was so jealous, but she attributed it to the fact that she didnt like Ai Ruili.

Su Yan raised a brow. "So you think that your brother isnt a gentleman?"

Su Yue rolled her eyes. "Tch. How could I believe that a man who broke a womans heart before would be gentlemanly enough to protect a scheming woman?"

She knew about how Ai Ruili had tricked Zhou Shuang and almost caused her to fall off a mountain.

Her impression of her got worse.

In her heart, Ai Ruili was the kind of woman who would resort to underhand methods to achieve what she wanted. She hated her.

At the Jiangs house.

After the old masters funeral, everyone looked hollowed and somber.

The family, which used to be lively and bustling, seemed to have gloominess cast over them like a dark cloud.

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