Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1928 1

Chapter 1928 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Thirty Four

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"Its about time you marry Xiaoxiao. Your grandfathers biggest regret mustve been being unable to carry grandchildren."

Jiang Shaomei was carrying a large bag and she was wearing casual clothes. She turned her head to talk to Jiang Zhuoheng as they walked down the stairs.

"Mm." Jiang Zhuoheng looked at his feet and muttered a reply.

He didnt sleep a wink these few days. He looked haggard and Jiang Shaomeis heart ached when she looked at him. "Ah Heng, Xiaoxiao is a good girl. You need a partner too, so why dont you accept it wholeheartedly."

Jiang Zhuoheng nodded slightly, but his mind was elsewhere.

Jiang Shaomei pressed her lips and remained silent.

She turned to look at the sofa area, where Xin Yanting was sitting. She was wearing a white loungewear and she had tied up her black hair in a bun. She had lost a significant amount of weight in the past few days.

She sat there, bent over, appearing engrossed in something.

Jiang Shaomei drew nearer and asked softly, "Yanting, what are you looking at?"

"Nothing much."

Xin Yanting retracted her thoughts and hurriedly flipped the newspapers over. She turned to Jiang Shaomei and shook her head.

"Mother, are we leaving?"

She asked as she stood up and walked towards her.

Jiang Shaomei glanced at the newspaper Xin Yanting was looking at earlier. She immediately came to a realization and her face fell. Her tone was much colder as she asked, "Why are you still paying attention to that boy?"

Jiang Shaomei had the habit of reading the newspapers every morning. She had already browsed through the entire newspaper during breakfast.

How could she have missed the headlines in the entertainment section? President Su from Flourish & Prosper and the movie queen Ai Ruili were in the headlines of various forums and news articles.

She hated Su Yan to the core. It would infuriate her at the mere mention of him.

She didnt care about the 30 percent of shares they lost to Flourish & Prosper. The most important thing was her daughter.

Xin Yanting was once an arrogant and bubbly girl. But she had matured in an instant.

Of course, she was glad that her daughter was more mature now, but it was forced out of her. She had changed overnight and it broke her heart.

"Im not. I just happened to see it." Xin Yanting smiled and shook her head. Then she took the large bag from Jiang Shaomei.

It was bulky and heavy. She joked, "Grandfather really dotes on us. He left us so many things."

Her smile was forced and deliberate.

Jiang Shaomei watched her with red eyes. She looked downwards and sighed helplessly.

"Miss, a man outside claims that hes your friend."

The butler suddenly came in and said that someone was looking for Xin Yanting.

Xin Yanting frowned in confusion. "My friend?"

She had many friends in the capital city, but they hadnt met in years. Who would look for her all the way here?"

Jiang Shaomei was confused as well. "Yanting, who is it?"

Xin Yanting pressed her lips and shook her head. She didnt know either.

Confused, she walked to the entrance. She exited and looked outside the gate. A man was standing outside the metal gate.

The man had blond hair. He had blue eyes and he was wearing a dark blue sports attire. He was tall and muscular and looked very fit.

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