Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1930 1

Chapter 1930 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Thirty Six

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She turned and walked towards the main door.

After she ended the call, Jiang Shaomei hastily returned. She said to Xin Yanting, "Yanting since your friend is here, you should stay in the capital city for two more days. Ill head back first. There are tons of work waiting to be done at the office. I have to rush or Ill miss the flight."

She walked to the sofa and picked up the large bag she was carrying earlier.

She smiled and said to Jesse, "Jesse, you can stay here for two more days. Ill make a move."

Jesse stood up and bowed at Jiang Shaomei. "Goodbye."

"Mother." Xin Yanting stood up and followed her to the main door.

Jiang Shaomei turned around and looked into the house. Jesse was still standing at the sofa area. She retracted her gaze and smiled and Xin Yanting. "Bring your friend around the capital city and enjoy yourself. Ill get someone to fetch you after."

Her smile had a hidden meaning behind it.

Even the most foolish of people could tell. Xin Yanting pressed her lips but she didnt bother explaining. She replied, "Ive got it. I can head back myself, you dont have to worry about me."

It had been a long time since she returned home. She hadnt had a meal with her father and mother in a long time.

She was originally eager to head home and have a good reunion with her parents.

But Jesse turned up all of a sudden and she couldnt ditch him in the capital city.

The capital city! She didnt want to stay in this city. Its air and people were toxic.

The car she left at the Jiangs four years ago was no longer working. Xin Yanting drove Jiang Zhuohengs car and brought Jesse around the capital city.

Their plan was to visit the scenic spots and historical sites in the capital city.

After visiting three locations, it had already turned dark.

After a whole day of sightseeing and driving, Xin Yanting was tired and hungry.

She saw a newly opened shopping mall from afar. It looked popular and an advertisement that readFood Haven at B1caught her eye.

It was as though her wish had come true. Her eyes brightened and she turned to Jesse. "Jesse, lets go for a meal."

"Okay," Jesse agreed as he nodded, showing her an OK sign with his fingers.

Xin Yanting had already driven in the direction of the mall. Jesse knew that she had already chosen a location and his gaze swept over the advertisement as well.

His eyes brightened. "Theres a cinema and a skating rink too."

Jesse pointed at another advertisement and said to Xin Yanting excitedly.

Xin Yanting glanced in the direction he was pointing and smiled. "The skating rink there is meant for kids. You definitely wont like it. Lets not waste our time there."

She was dead beat. She just wanted to eat and return home, so she could have a good sleep.

Jesses spirit was dampened. Indeed, he wasnt interested in a small skating rink.

He thought for a while and said, "Lets watch a movie then."

Xin Yanting frowned. "Energetic, arent you?"

Jesse smiled and replied, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do. The men in China like to take girls out on movie dates."

Xin Yanting smiled. She didnt nod or reject his request.

After all, he had traveled all the way here. She had to be a good host.

The good thing about watching a movie was that it didnt require much energyshe just had to sit there. Besides, if she didnt like it, she could sleep as well.



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