Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1931 1

Chapter 1931 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Thirty Seven

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The mall was more crowded than expected.

The capital city was known for its roast duck. There was a well-known roast duck shop in Food Haven. There was a long queue and they waited for a long time before they were eventually given a seat.

"Go ahead and order."

Xin Yanting passed the menu to Jesse. There were English names on the menu so Jesse could understand it.

"You can book movie tickets." Jesse took the menu from her and asked her to book the tickets.

Xin Yanting pressed her lips helplessly.

This fellow was really energetic.

"This cinema doesnt have any movies that youd understand. They are all Chinese romance movies. Unless youd like to watch a cartoon?"

Xin Yanting scrolled through the entire list of movies and saw that the only English movie available was a cartoon. She passed the phone to him.

Jesse glanced at it and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. "Im fine with anything, as long as Im watching it with you."

Shed originally thought that he would have given up on the idea of watching a movie. She didnt expect him to be so persistent. Xin Yanting replied helplessly, "Alright Well watch this then. The Little Starfish."

"Okay," Jesse replied as he nodded. He raised the menu and pointed at the roast duck on the first page. "Can we order two of this?"

Xin Yanting was speechless.

People were always eager when it came to something they havent gotten before.

Just like how Jesse was eager to have his roast duck.

Back in Country M, he claimed that hed definitely try the roast duck when he came to China.

Now that he was finally here, he wanted to order two.

Xin Yanting thought that Jesse wouldnt fancy the crispy skin of the duck, coupled with the sweet sauce, but he ended up finishing the two ducks until what was left was the bones.

"Its simply delicious."

Jesse was still praising the flavor of the roast duck when they reached the cinema.

Xin Yanting thought he was exaggerating. She remained silent and walked to the vending machine. She bought two bottled drinks.

She passed the first to Jesse. "Its too oily. Have some pomelo tea."

Jesse took the bottle from her, uncapped it, and began drinking.

Xin Yanting bought orange juice for herself. She tilted her head up and took a small sip. Then she leaned lazily against the vending machine and stared at the floor.

She wasnt wearing makeup, so she looked haggard. Her eyelashes covered her eyes and he couldnt tell what was on her mind. But by the crease between her eyebrows, she looked sad.

Jesse stared at her for a while before asking in a serious tone, "Ting, when are you coming back to Country M?"

Xin Yanting retracted her thoughts and plainly replied, "Ill probably be staying at home for some time, to spend some time with my parents."

She didnt lift her head. Her gaze remained fixed on the floor.

Jesse turned and leaned against the vending machine, his shoulders next to hers. He looked askew at her and his gaze was deep when he said, "I wish that youd come back soon. I really miss you."

Xin Yanting pressed her lips and lifted her head. She took a deep breath and grinned at Jesse. "China is my home. I have to return one day."

"I really like you. Everyone knows that Im chasing you," Jesse said to her in a serious tone.

It stunned Xin Yanting.

Now checking tickets for the English version of The Little Starfish, showing at 8:25 p.m.

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