Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1933 1

Chapter 1933 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Thirty Nine

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He was about to say a close friend, but he changed his mind.

Were they really close?

It had been five years since they last contacted each other. Could they be considered still close friends if they no longer kept in contact?

Su Yan shook his head to prevent himself from thinking further. He refused to let himself be troubled by meaningless thoughts.

He held Xiaojiaos hand and led her to the skating rink.

We no longer keep in contact,

And I hope you dont mind;

We can only blame ourselves for not getting together back then.

You seem happier now,

So theres no point in me staying.

Weve cut all ties,

But that doesnt mean I dont miss you;

Youre still on my mind wherever I go.

And Im trying to forget,

To erase whatever we had, which we chose to give up on.

It was a Friday and there were many people in the skating rink. There was even a queue at the payment counter. He didnt know the name of the song that was playing in the mall.

But it made him fall into a reverie.

He gazed afar. The slender girl was like a little elf that emerged from a forest. She looked so pure, energetic, and beautiful.

She spun in circles on one foot, like a dancing butterfly.

Xiaojiao enjoyed observing people. When she saw Su Yan staring at the girl who was figure skating, she said, "Uncle, its that beautiful sister skating."

"Mm." Su Yan nodded, his gaze still fixed on her.

He liked the feeling in his heart right now. His heart was at ease as he watched her skating so breezily.

She started to slow. When she stopped, Su Yan happened to be facing her side-view.

She seemed mysterious to him.

He wanted to walk over and remove her mysterious veil.

Or perhaps he had this feeling because he couldnt see her front-view, so he only had a vague impression of her.

"Yay!" Xiaojiao cheered as she clapped.

Su Yan was curious about her reaction. He frowned at her in confusion. "Why are you so happy?"

Xiaojiao pressed her lips and replied, "Mommy said that Uncle doesnt like women. Shes worried that Uncle wouldnt find Xiaojiao an aunt."

Su Yans expression darkened. Su Yue was bad-mouthing him at home?

"Can we find that Sister later?"

Su Yan laughed and didnt answer her.

They bought ice-skating equipment the previous time but they didnt bring it today. Actually, they could rent a set, but Young Master Su was slightly mysophobic. He refused to wear a set that someone else had used before.

Besides, money was not a problem for him.

So he bought a new set of skating equipment.

There were many kids in the rink today. Xiaojiao was excited and she envied the kids who could skate by themselves and skate well, too. How she wished she could instantly learn how to skate.

"Uncle, hold my hand. Teach me quickly."

She grabbed Su Yans hand and pulled him further into the rink. She had just returned from Country M so she was used to speaking in English. Whenever she was anxious, she would speak in English.

Su Yan smiled affectionately when he saw her anxious figure. "Xiaojiao, Uncle will teach you how to fly."

Then he quickly skated a few rounds around Xiaojiao.

Suddenly, while she was unaware, he bent over and scooped her up. He grabbed the area under her armpits and lifted her high above the ground. He carried her and quickly skated to the center of the rink.

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