Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1938

Chapter 1938 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Forty Four

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His secretary made coffee. She couldnt waste it.

Xuxu finished the coffee and placed the cup down. She stood up to leave.

Su Yan stood up after her, his cup not leaving his hand. He followed after her and said, "Leave it to me."

Xuxu suddenly recalled something. She stopped in her tracks and turned to face him. "Oh, yes."

Su Yan frowned. "What?"

"Are you going to bring your secretary along to the coastal county holiday resort?" Xuxu asked slyly.

She gave him an ambiguous smile.

Of course, Su Yan knew what she was getting at. "Third sister-in-law, are you teasing me?"

"I wouldnt dare. Im leaving." Xuxu shook her head and walked towards the exit.

After Xuxu left, Su Yan stood at his door, watching the girl seated to the right.

Her board was filled with post-its. She was staring at the screen, completely engrossed. Her slightly rough hands were on the keyboard, typing.

She looked serious.

From this angle, she looked quiet and reserved. It was pleasing to the eye.

Su Yan unknowingly leaned against the door frame, one hand tucked into his pants. With the coffee mug in his other hand, he took a sip once in a while. He was about to finish his coffee.

He didnt seem to notice that he was smiling faintly at Mixiao, who was engrossed in her work.

Did third brother often look at Xuxu this way as well?

Did he feel the same way as he was feeling now?

Su Yan fell into a reverie and didnt realize that Mixiao had already caught him staring. She turned to him in confusion.

Su Yan frowned. "Focus!"

"Oh." Mixiao hurriedly turned back and continued staring at the computer.

But her actions werent as smooth as before.

How could she focus when the boss was staring at herand only her? She felt chills down her back.

She retracted her neck and slouched slightly. Su Yan smirked in amusement and didnt want to disrupt her further. He went back to his work.

He finished his coffee and straightened up before returning to his office.

He recalled something and turned to her. "Mixiao, follow me to have a meal with a client tonight. Change your clothes."

It was only a meal with a client. Why did she need to change her clothes?

Mixiao was bewildered. She frowned in indignance as she stared after the man as he entered the office.

She was originally just looking for a nine-to-five job, so she could do whatever she wanted with the remaining of her time. But now she had to work overtime and follow the boss for his meal with a client.

This was a huge disparity from what she wanted.

After working hours were over, everyone left one after another.

All of them said goodbye to Mixiao. She watched them with envy.

"Mixiao, Im leaving. See you tomorrow."

Finally, the last colleague left too, waving to her from afar.

Mixiao smiled politely, but she felt bitter inside. She stared at the time at the bottom corner of her computer screen. It was already 5:30 p.m.

The latest she had ever left the office was 5:30 p.m.

Suddenly, a mans voice sounded from behind her. "Didnt I ask you to change?"

Mixiao stood up and the man was already towering over her. She replied, "President Su, time is tight. I dont have enough time to go home to change my clothes."

Su Yan sized her up and decided not to make things difficult for her. He said plainly, "Lets go."

He led the way.

Mixiao couldnt keep up with him. She didnt have time to shut down her computer properly, so she forced it to shut down.

Then she grabbed her bag and chased after him.

The lift happened to arrive and they entered one after the other.

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