Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1939

Chapter 1939 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Forty Five

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After entering the lift, Mixiao was about to press the button, but Su Yan was one step ahead of her. He pressed the B2 button and leisurely retracted his hand.

Mixiao bowed her head. After much deliberation, she looked up at Su Yan and asked, "President Su, its just a meal, right? There wont be drinking?"

"Youre my secretary. You have to drink on my behalf when the need arises."

The lift reached their floor quickly. Su Yan replied to her as he exited the lift.

His legs were long and Mixiao had a hard time keeping up with him. She wanted to object to drinking, but in the end, she bit her lip and kept to herself.

Their dining venue was a high-class clubhouse in the city area. There was even a hot spring.

A man-made one.

It was well-furnished and the staff was good-looking. It was said that all of them had at least an undergraduate degree.

By her reaction, Su Yan guessed that Mixiao couldnt hold her liquor. But he didnt expect her to have such a low toleranceshe collapsed after three glasses of red wine.

She couldnt even tell left from right anymore.

She lay on the table and mumbled something softly. He wanted to move closer and hear what she was saying. Was she scolding him for taking up her after-working hours?

Was she worried that she wouldnt be able to go to the skating rink tonight, and would be fired by the boss?

Su Yan fixed his gaze on her. The two men sitting in front of him observed Su Yan for a while. They seemed to realize something and they had a silent conversation before nodding.

One of them smiled and asked Su Yan, "President Su, Secretary Mi seems a little tipsy?"

Su Yan replied with an"Mm."Then he shifted his gaze away from her.

"Then" the man was about to say something, but Su Yan interrupted him apologetically. "So, President Xiang, please excuse me. My apologies."

President Xiang gave a smile and nodded. "I understand. Please send Secretary Mi back."

Su Yan smiled. "My apologies."

Then he stood up and grabbed Mixiaos elbow. He lifted her up easily.

She was petite and furthermore, she was drunk. Her footsteps were light.

"President Su, I I cant cant drink."

Su Yan finally managed to pull her out of the room. Her body twisted to the side, and although he towered over her, he had a hard time controlling her movements.

She stumbled and drunkenly revealed her innermost thoughts.

Her face was flushed and her lips were exceptionally red under the light.

Su Yan removed her spectacles and observed her delicate face. Her face was no longer covered.

To think that there were girls who tried to cover up their beauty!

"President Su, I cant drink anymore."

Mixiao was still mumbling and she was waving her arms around.

Su Yan nodded in amusement. "Yes, I know. No more drinking."

His voice unconsciously turned affectionate.

He was having an extremely hard time trying to control her. He thought for a while before deciding to carry her.

Mixiao wrapped her arms instinctively around his neck. She quietened down.

Su Yan felt her small face press against his back. He could feel the smoothness of her skin.

She was so noisy earlier. Why did she suddenly become quiet?

He wasnt used to it.

Su Yan frowned in confusion as he carried her.

"We can only go for the man-made hot spring. My cousin and I will send you to the hotel after dinner."

Su Yan carried Mixiao out the doors to the clubhouse. As he walked towards his car, he saw twono, threefamiliar faces walking towards them.

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