Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1940

Chapter 1940 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Forty Six

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Su Yan stared at them wordlessly.

"President Su you took up my time after work. And you forced me to drink. I dont want to be your secretary anymore."

They stood facing each other, and Mixiao suddenly yelled.

Although she was drunk and couldnt think properly, safety was still an instinct. She waved a hand wildly in the air while clinging firmly onto Su Yans arm with the other hand.

As though she was afraid of falling off.

Her drunk antics werent detestable, but adorable and rather bold.

Xin Yanting stared at Su Yan and Mixiao. Tears were glistening in her eyes.

It was chilly at night in the capital city. A gust of wind blew at her, and she shivered. Her memories were all interrupted.

She snapped to and sniffed heavily. Peering at the ground, she spoke to Jiang Zhuoheng and Jesse, "Lets go."

She sounded casual and calm.

She straightened her back and strode past Su Yan with her chin raised.

He was carrying a girl, and she could catch a whiff of alcohol. It broke her heart.

Su Yan once appeared on a television program, and the host asked him about his ideal girl.

He said that he didnt like girls who were too clingy or noisy. And he didnt like girls who talk too loudly.

His ideal girl was worlds apart from her personality, and she was so touched and overjoyed at that time. Xin Yanting thought that Su Yan had really fallen for her, and he was able to accept all her traits that he didnt like.

So she kept reminding herself that Su Yan loved cleanliness. He didnt like untidiness, and he wasnt fond of girls who were too loud.

So she made up her mind to change herself. She had to be the type of girl that Su Yan would like.

Su Yan indeed liked quiet girls who wouldnt pester him all day long. He didnt like girls who were too clingy or ask him questions about lip color or the clothes that she wore. And he didnt like dumb girls who couldnt even differentiate between a truth and a lie.

She was exactly the type of girl that he disliked.

So how would he possibly like her?

She was a joke. A clown.

"Su Yan, I made you a bento set all by myself!"

"Not bad."

"Then you try it now."

"I just had breakfast."

"Oh, then you must eat it for lunch!"

"Place it there first."

"Su Yan, is my lip color nice today?"

"Not bad."

"Su Yan, do you like my dress?"

"Not bad."

In hindsight, he would always reply to her with the same answer.

He wasnt the one to blame. She was so stupid that she realized nothing. Other than rattling on an entire day and throwing tantrums, she knew nothing.

He was obviously mocking and ridiculing her, but she still foolishly believed everything.

She strode past Su Yan and overheard Mixiao whining and complaining. Xin Yanting dug her fingernails into her flesh unconsciously.

Xin Yanting, thats the difference between you and that girl. He likes her and he doesnt like you.

"Ting!" Jesse saw Xin Yanting walking away, and he hastily averted his gaze from Su Yan. He scurried after her.

After Xin Yanting and Jesse walked past him, Su Yan glanced at Jiang Zhuoheng.

Both of them pressed their lips and didnt acknowledge each other. A moment later, both of them walked away in different directions.

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