Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1941

Chapter 1941 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Forty Seven

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Jiang Zhuoheng turned around and glanced at Su Yan and the girl he was carrying on his back. After Su Yan found his car and turned on the lights, Jiang Zhuoheng sighed heavily to himself.


Thats the difference between a girl that he liked and a girl that he didnt. It didnt matter who came first.

I could move the heavens and Earth, but I cant touch you.

Jiang Zhuoheng suddenly recalled the lyrics of a song, and he pressed his lips in bitterness.

Su Yan placed Mixiao in the back seat. The girl curled up immediately. She didnt move afterward and simply continued to mumble to herself.

It sounded as if she was still complaining about Su Yan.

Su Yan stood beside the car with his back bent. He peered and watched Mixiao with a gentle smile.

This was the feeling that he was looking for. He felt at ease and comfortable.

No matter how reluctant or resentful she was, she knew that it was part of her job. And she would do it.

She knew her priorities and commitment.

He took time to research her work progress at Flourish & Prosper for the past month. Basically, he didnt really have to, as the amount of effort was evident from her thick notebook and the pile of post-it-notes on her desk which she changed every day.

She was humble, hardworking, and modest.

He couldnt pinpoint his feelings right now and had no idea what he wanted. He thought that it was best to let nature take its own course.

Yeah, he should let nature take its own course.

As though he had just solved a complicated question, Su Yans spirits soared. He moved away and shut the door. Then he opened the drivers seat door.

He got in, ignited the engine, and drove off.

The wind was bitter, but the heart was even more so.

Xin Yanting watched as the car sped out of sight and into the darkness. She stood outside the entrance, and her body trembled.

There seemed to be a void in her eyes, and she had no idea where she was looking at. He wasnt there anymore. He had left with another girl.

"Is he the guy you are in love with?"

Jesse, who stood behind Xin Yanting, finally shattered the silence after careful deliberation.

Xin Yanting pressed her lips, with her eyes still staring into the direction that Su Yan had driven off in. "Yeah. I have always been in love with him. I cant stop myself from loving him."

She confessed her feelings in all honesty.

She really liked Su Yan. The man with an intense look in his eyes, his beautiful features, his slightly wavy black hair, thick and curly eyelashes

He seemed to have bribed the sunlight to follow him wherever he went.

His charms were irresistible.

Jesse was hardly surprised at all when he heard Xin Yantings reply. "You can choose to move forward."

"I tried. But I cant see the light at the end of the tunnel. Its dark and bleary." Xin Yanting turned to Jesse with a sorrowful smile.

It had been five years. She had constantly reminded herself that Su Yan didnt love her at all. Su Yan will never belong to her in this lifetime.

But her heart no longer belonged to her. She couldnt control her own heart.

"Look again." Jesse suddenly stretched his hands to grab Xin Yantings shoulders. He steered her to face forward once again.

At the same time, he stepped forward to stand before her. In doing so, he entered her line of vision.

"Huh?" Xin Yanting raised her head and was confused.

Jesse smiled at her. "Love is just like a journey in life. In the beginning, you might feel that the road youve chosen is too long, and you cant see an end to it. But you can choose to take other roads, and the scenery wouldnt be too shabby."

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