Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1942

Chapter 1942 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Forty Eight

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His piercing blue eyes met Xin Yantings eyes, and he was filled with expectation.

Xin Yanting continued to gaze at him with her head raised. She was still mulling over what Jesse had advised her.

Jesse paused briefly before continuing. "Do you wish to waste your time and youth on that endless road?"

Endless road

She knew clearly that the road had no end to it. She was aware.


Xin Yanting exhaled helplessly to herself. She muttered softly. "Lets go eat."

She turned around and walked ahead.

Jesse followed after her closely. "Ting, I really want you to be happy. Putting aside the question of you falling in love with me or not. Five years ago before you returned, you werent like this."

"Ive known you for nearly ten years. Before you came back to China, you were cheerful, optimistic, and lively. You were so confident. But now, I only see gloom and misery in you."

Xin Yanting continued to walk as she listened.

"He caused you unhappiness and he didnt make you more beautiful or a better version of yourself. So he doesnt deserve the love youve given him."

Jesse halted his footsteps, and Xin Yanting followed suit.

She paused and slowly raised her hands to feel her face.

He didnt make you more beautiful

How was she like now? She didnt look in the mirror that often now. Even if she did, she wouldnt scrutinize her appearance like how she did before.

She didnt make the effort to dress herself up as well.

In the last five years, she finished her Masters, then her Ph.D. She worked while she studied at the same time.

She tried so hard to transform herself into someone knowledgeable, hardworking, and wise

But that didnt make her into a better person.

Suddenly, she smiled at Jesse. "Lets go and have dinner. We can go to the hot spring later."

Jesses eyes lit up. "Great!"

This place was famous for the delicacies.

Xin Yanting stuffed herself to the brim and she really enjoyed the dinner.

Jesse saw that she tried to use her fingers to wipe her mouth. So, he pulled some tissues and handed them to her. "Wipe your mouth."

Xin Yanting dabbed at her mouth and said, "The fish stew is even better than the one made by my mom."

Jiang Zhuoheng was relieved to see her in high spirits. "We can come again."

"Lets go to the hot spring." Xin Yanting threw the tissues away and picked up her bag.

She seemed eager and excited.

Jiang Zhuoheng replied, "You and Jesse can go ahead. Ill skip."

He rose as he spoke.

Xin Yanting pursed her lips and eyed Jiang Zhuoheng. "Youre such a spoilsport."

She deliberately glared at him and stiffly marched away.

Jiang Zhuoheng helplessly stared at Xin Yanting, and he blinked in confusion.

Jesse strode past him with a grin, and Jiang Zhuoheng grinned too.

They didnt bring any swimsuits, so they had to buy. Xin Yanting chose a rather sexy one, yet it wasnt too revealing.

No matter how exhausted or haggard she looked, she maintained her voluptuous figure.

She wore a leopard-print swimsuit, and her long back hair casually tumbled around her shoulders and back. Her hair seemed to dance as she walked.

As she walked, she attracted the attention of the men and incurred the jealousy of the ladies.

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