Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1946 1

Chapter 1946 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Fifty Two

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How petty could this man be? If she knew that this would happen, she wouldnt have confessed.

He could accuse her of meeting Ah Heng at every opportunity. Did Ah Heng really affect him so much?

Other than the scent of her skincare product and toothpaste, he smelled nothing else. Yan Rusheng brushed against Xuxus lips with his.

He was enjoying himself.

"Get off me. Ill go get water." Xuxu frowned and carefully nudged Yan Rusheng.

She flung the blanket off.

She picked up Yan Rushengs cup and poured some water in it. She returned to the bed and passed it to him. "Yan Rusheng, your water. Drink it."

Yan Rusheng was slumped comfortably on the bed as he sweetly replied, "My waist hurts. I cant get up. You feed me."

Xuxu pressed her palm to her forehead in deep exasperation. She took a deep breath.

Forget it. If she could satisfy his requests, then she could sleep earlier. She still needed to work the next day and there were some urgent matters to settle.

She bent her back and slid a hand behind Yan Rushengs neck. With all her strength, she pulled him up a little.

Actually, she knew that his injury wasnt that bad.

But if he insisted on pretending and forcing her to comply, she really had no choice but to abide.

Yan Rusheng smugly curled his lips. "Wife, youre indeed the best. Seems like I would be well-taken care off in my old age."

He opened his mouth slightly and Xuxu fed him using her mouth.

As she fed him, she dissed him. "Yeah. I had to wait upon you when you were a boy and when you grow old. I really owe you a debt in my previous lifetime."

Yan Rusheng frowned. "When did I get you to wait upon me when I was a boy?"

He peered at Xuxu, and he grumbled, "You were the one who bullied me."

He had his fair share of being bullied by her when he was young.

"You deny it?" Xuxu placed the cup down and narrowed her eyes.

She glanced at Yan Rusheng and reminisced. "There was one time you went to the skating rink to ice skate. But you sprained your leg. Afraid that Grandfather would lecture you, you hid your injury from everyone else. Didnt I take care of you every day? I had to carry you on my back to the classroom and buy food for you."

Yan Rusheng recalled it and he pressed his lips. "This was such an insignificant matter and you still remembered it."

"How dare you say its insignificant!" Xuxu pointed to Yan Rusheng as she hissed maliciously.

Yan Rusheng nodded hastily. "Alright, alright! Its huge and significant. I remember that you even fed me."

Did she feed him? Xuxu frowned, looking confused. "Why cant I recall that?"

She hated him so much when he was a boy. He would always throw tantrums and acted like a spoiled young master. How could she possibly feed him? They were both really young at that time, and their love hadnt sprouted yet.

A devious gleam sparkled in Yan Rushengs eyes. "You said that the braised meat was tasty, then I said I wanted to try. So you stuffed it inside my mouth with your chopsticks."

Xuxu finally recalled it and grinned. "Seems like you are better at recalling the details."

It really happened before. They always brought their lunch from home and ate in school. Their lunches were always packed with healthy food.

They didnt eat together in school but because he sprained his leg, he couldnt even move properly. So she sat beside him and fed him.

"Of course. Because I did it deliberately." Young Master Yan grinned triumphantly.

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