Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1948 1

Chapter 1948 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Fifty Four

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"Yan Rusheng, why are you so hateful!" She glanced at Yan Rusheng looking half-irked and half-amused at the same time.

Other than hateful, she couldnt think of a word to describe him right now.

Yan Rusheng didnt let it bother him. Instead, he looked pleased and conceited. "Im indeed unparalleled when it comes to being hateful and despicable."

Xuxu bit back a laugh. "Exactly. Thank god you are aware."

She mused deeply for a moment before commenting, "At least Su Yan as an overbearing President is more romantic when he is trying to charm his secretary."

Yan Rusheng scoffed with contempt and disdain.

Other than Yan Rusheng, who could fully embody the term of an overbearing President?

"Alright, lets sleep now. Stop moving." Xuxu yawned widely and decided to stop responding. She flipped over, with her back against Yan Rusheng.

She was determined to sleep now and her eyelids felt like boulders weighing down.

However, Young Master Yan had other thoughts. He couldnt move his waist, so he stretched his neck to snuggle against Xuxu. "Wife, I want milk."

Xuxu was speechless.

She laid there fuming quietly for a while to restrain herself from exploding. She grabbed her pillow and moved to the further end of the bed.

She needed to be as far away from him as possible. If not, sleep wouldnt be possible judging from how energetic he looked at the moment.

Seriously, did she think that she would be safe from the monsters claws in this way?

Young Master Yan flashed a toothy grin as he shut his eyes. He propped a leg on Xuxus chest and gently nudged her.

She couldnt take it any longer, and she will not!

Wen Xuxu suddenly sat up and lashed out furiously. "Yan Rusheng, do you want to die!? Or do you want to be confined to the bed for a month?"

"I really dont want to leave the bed." Yan Rusheng pulled the blanket to cover a part of his face. He feigned bashfulness.

How dare he pretend to be bashful right now?

Xuxu really yearned to kick him off the bed as she threw him a murderous look. The more she stared at his grin, the more she wanted to strangle him.

This man was so shameless, atrocious, and he appeared so nonchalant. She was really going nuts.

How she wished she could bite him.

After an intense struggle, Xuxu sighed sadly to herself. Her eyes were slightly bloodshot and she knew she wouldnt be able to sleep tonight.

She scanned the room, looking resigned, and accidentally caught sight of the ointment.

It struck her that she had forgotten to apply it for Yan Rusheng. She shuffled towards the bedside drawer and stood by the bed. Looking impatient, she quipped, "Sleep after Ive applied the ointment for you."

Yan Rusheng smiled flirtatiously at her, and he winked with a mischievous gleam. "You can sleep on me anytime."

He sounded so inviting and beguiling.

Xuxu was speechless.

God, can you subdue this evildoer? He is so hateful!

She gritted her teeth and roughly flung the blanket away. She pressed Yan Rusheng and pushed him down.

"Ouch Wife, be gentle." Yan Rusheng yelped out in pain.

He had sprained his waist and it was really hurting, although he did sound a little dramatic.

1"Ill let you die of pain!"

Xuxus heart thought otherwise and she tipped some ointment on her palm. Softly and gently, she rubbed Yan Rushengs back.

She massaged him with his soft fingers.

He reckoned that this feeling would be better than being in heaven.

Yan Rusheng closed his eyes and smiled contentedly to himself.

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